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Toshiba POS Terminals: A Pictorial Guide to Features for Toshiba POS Products Released Prior to 2013

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There are many features that are available to customize The Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions (formerly the IBM) Point of Sale terminals. This guide lists features and descriptions for most TGCS Current Hardware product offerings



There are no updates planned. As products are withdrawn from Marketing, the last active feature guide will be moved to a separate Knowledgebase article for Withdrawn products. The link is: R1003893

The attached guides are intended for you to use to identify product features of the SurePOS 700, SurePOS 500, SurePOS 300, AnyPlace Kiosks, SureMark Printers, and SurePoint Displays.

The information contained in these documents is intended to augment the Sales Manual and the published Hardware Service guides In the event of any conflicting information, the source documents (Sales Manual and Hardware Service Guides) take precedence over these documents.

In the event that you download these documents to your local system, please set up a Subscription to this page so that you will be notified of updates. SUBSCRIBE NOW


The change from IBM logo to Toshiba Logo for peripherals and FRU parts has made many of the references obsolete. The Picture guides will be updated as the last revisions occur in the summer of 2014.

The HARDWARE SERVICE guides for each product are the SOURCE document for the FRU parts.

If you need help, please send in a TechLine request.

Current Version
Release Date
File Link
6140-1xx, x3x TCxWave by Toshiba
Version 4.0
Sept 11, 2014
6149-5xx TCx Display
Version 1,2
Sept 25, 2014
6183-2xx TCx Flight
Version 2.1
Jan 7, 2015
SurePOS 700 Terminal

(4800-7x3 Moved to R1003893)
Version 3.1
Jan 5, 2016
4838-3xx, 5xx, 7xx, 9xx,
AnyPlace Kiosk
Moved to R1003893)
4613-1x8 SurePOS 100
Moved to R1003893)
4610-1xx and 4610-2xx
SureMark Printers

(4610-Txx Moved to R1003893)
Version 3.4
April 29, 2016
4610-1xx_2xx Guide to Features_V34.pdf
4820 SurePoint Displays - 2010 and 2013 Models

2008-2009 Model Feature Guide moved to R1003893)

(Ver 3.1 Moved to R1003893)

Version 3.2
June 20, 2014
4810-x5x SurePOS 300 POS Terminal
Version 1.9
Nov 25, 2013
4810-x4x SurePOS 300 POS Terminal
(4810-33x Moved to R1003893)
Version 3.0
April 6, 2012
4852 / 4961 SurePOS 500 POS Terminal
(4840-xx4 Moved to R1003893)
(4846-5x5 Moved to R1003893)
(4851-514 Moved to R1003893)
Version 3.7
Mar 11, 2014
4888 Self Checkout System 6

(4845 and 4555 models Moved to R1003893)
Ver 3.1
April 16, 2013
9338 Bar Code printer Family
Ver 2
April 2, 2014

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Point of Sale Hardware 4610 SureMark Point of Sale Printers Configure Platform Independent 2CR/2NR All
Point of Sale Hardware 4820 SurePoint Solution Flat Panel Display Configure Platform Independent 2xx/5xx All
Point of Sale Hardware SurePOS 700 Series Configure Platform Independent 4900-7x5 All
Point of Sale Hardware SurePOS 500 Series Configure Platform Independent 4852-x2x/4852-x6x/4961-x2x All
Point of Sale Hardware SurePOS 300 Series Configure Platform Independent 34x/x4x, 35x All
Point of Sale Hardware IBM Self Checkout Systems Platform Independent 4845-Exx/Xyy/BW0/BW4 All
Point of Sale Hardware TCxWave Platform Independent 6140-1xx All
Point of Sale Hardware TCxFlight Platform Independent, Windows 8.1 21x/25x

Document information

More support for: General

Version: Not applicable

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

Software edition: All

Reference #: R1003844

Modified date: 2016-04-29