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What version of the IBM POS Subsystem drivers do you support?


Support options for the POS Subsystem (POSS) vary depending on what version of POSS is being used.

POSS for Linux / POSS for Windows

POSS for Linux (POSSLIN) & POSS for Windows (POSSWIN) are supported as stand-alone drivers, but are not available directly for download from the website. If you wish to use POSS you must download the UPOS drivers, which include a copy of POSS.

POSS support and lifecycle information is exactly the same as the UPOS version it was shipped in. For more information refer to R1003632 ("Supported OPOS/JavaPOS Versions")

The following table lists the UPOS version and the POSS version it included with. For completeness sake it lists all versions, even those that are no longer supported.

UPOS version Release Date POSS version included with UPOS
1.7.4 February 2005 3.0.0
1.7.5 July 2005 3.1.0
1.9.0 November 2005 3.1.1
1.9.1 May 2006 3.2.0
1.9.2 October 2006 3.3.0
1.9.3 June 2007 3.4.0
1.9.4 October 2007 3.4.0
1.9.5 April 2009 4.0.0
1.9.6 August 2008 4.1.0
1.12.0 April 2009 5.0.0
1.12.1 September 2009 5.1.0
1.13.0 August 2010 6.0.0
1.13.1 June 2011 6.1.0
1.13.2 November 2011 7.0.0
1.13.3 March 2012 8.0.0
1.13.4 November 2012 9.0.0
1.13.5 June 2013 10.0.0
1.13.6 December 2013 10.1.0
1.13.7 June 2014 10.2.0
1.14.0 June 2015 11.0.0
1.14.1 February 2016 11.1.0


POSS for DOS is no longer supported as a stand-alone driver; support expired at the end of 2011 per our announcement in R10004604

(System units may be advertised as supporting DOS, but that does not necessarily mean that they support POSS for DOS)

POSS for OS/2

POSS for OS/2 is no longer supported. The OS/2 operating system is no longer supported.

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Point of Sale Hardware POSS for DOS (Point of Sale Subsystem) Support DOS
Point of Sale Hardware POSS for Linux Support Linux, Other
Point of Sale Hardware POSS for OS/2 (Point of Sale Subsystem) Support OS/2 ALL

Document information

More support for: POSS for Windows (Point of Sale Subsystem)

Version: Version 2.3.0

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: R1003815

Modified date: 2016-02-09