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4690 save and restore file distribution attributes

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Is there a list of the file distribution types for all 4690 OS files, as well as all of the 4680-4690 application files?


No, the 4690 OS and the application file distribution attributes are not documented in any of the publications. However, there is a way to get a list of the file attributes with the Backup Utility Function ADXCSU1L. This utility creates a file named C:\ADX_SDT1\ADXCSU1F.DAT.

Complete instructions for using this utility are documented in the 4690 User's Guide.
Instructions for using the utility to create a list of files and their distribution attributes follow:

To back up the current attributes to a file:

1. Boot the 4690 Supplemental Diskettes.
2. Select Command Mode from the System Main Menu.
3. Type ADXCSU1L 1 on the command line.

If an error occurs, see C:\ADX_SDT1\ADXCSUEF.DAT for error messages. Otherwise the list of files and their attributes will be found in ADX_SDT1:ADXCSU1F.DAT. Each line of the file will contain a file name and a single digit number that designates the distribution attribute:

        2 = Mirrored, distribute on update
        3 = Mirrored, distribute on close
        4 = Compound, distribute on update
        5 = Compound, distribute on close

  • The ADXCSU1L utility reports only the current distribution attribute of each file, which is not necessarily the distribution attribute the file should have. If you have modified distribution attributes of files, the list will reflect this.
  • The ADXCSU1L utility only creates entries in ADXCSU1F.DAT for distributed files (types 2 - 5). Local files (type 1) will not appear.

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