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Prestart job change in V7R3 OS

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Since upgrading to V7R3 OS, not all of the 'Initial number to start' prestart jobs are starting when the subsystem starts.


The behavior of prestart jobs was changed in V7R3 OS.


There have been improvements in 7.3 in starting and ending prestart jobs to reduce the performance impact to the system when starting subsystems. Instead of starting all the jobs requested during subsystem start up some of the jobs are started and the rest are started after the prestart jobs start to be used. This makes the system responsive sooner after IPL and coming out of restricted state.

So fewer jobs may been seen active than what was seen before 7.3.

The rest of the jobs should appear as the prestart jobs complete their initialization and tell the subsystem they are ready for requests. The jobs would show in PSRW once they have gotten that far.

This should not be a problem as long as the jobs eventually get used in a normal manner for prestart jobs and handle requests.

If the prestart jobs aren't being used for prestart job function, there may never be a second or subsequent pass to start the additional jobs in a spread out manner. If this is the case, the QWTMAINT program can be used to set a maximum number that will be started (in the first pass) for the subsystem.

For example, this command will set it to 5:

sbs lib *----maximum number

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Operating System IBM i 7.3

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