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Is there a way to dump AA (Advanced Analysis) macros at certain intervals?

Resolving the problem

At times, IBM technical support would like the system to dump AA (Advanced Analysis) macros in SST at certain intervals or stop dumping when a trigger (VLOG or message ID) is encountered and keep a certain amount of dumps for troubleshooting purposes. QMGTOOLS has that function.


If the QMGTOOLS toolkit has not yet been installed, you should refer to the following document for information on how to download and install QMGTOOLS toolkit on your IBM i server.

AAMON Menu Item

1) To access the AA Monitor item, choose the Misc Tools option (in this case, it is option 9) from the main QMGTOOLS menu. To get to the main menu, type GO QMGTOOLS/MG.

2) There are 2 AAMON options.

Option 4 - AA Macro Monitor (QMGTOOLS/AAMON command)

This monitor uses the QMGTOOLS/RUNAA command. For a list of available macros, refer to this URL :

Option 17 - AA Macro Monitor - VTMAACMD (QMGTOOLS/AAMON2 command)

This monitor uses the QMGTOOLS/VTMAACMD function. This has to be set up ahead of time.

3) AAMON initial parameters.

Function *START - start the monitor
*STOP - stop the monitor
*TEST - test to see if the program works
*SETUP - sets up the AA macro, you must set this up ahead of time before running the monitor, refer to the URL for information on the parms to set up :
AA macro What AA macro to dump. Use F4 on this parameter to get valid values
Data What option to use for the AA macro

4) AAMON2 initial parameters.

Function *START - start the monitor, *STOP - stop the monitor
VTMAACMD data area prefix/library The data area prefix created with the VTMAACMD

5) The remaining of the AAMON and AAMON2 are the same.

Library to store data Where the file, AAMON, is stored. When the collection starts, a file called AAMON is created in the data library. Within that file, there will be members for macros being dump along with the timestamp in the text field.
Delay between collection Collection interval
Number of collections How many collections to keep
MSGID 1 - MSGID 3 Monitor message ID to stop the collection
VLOG1 - VLOG3 Monitor VLOG code to stop the collection

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