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Are AFP Utilities and AFP supported on IBM i 7.3?

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Is AFP supported on IBM i 7.3? I heard that AFP Utilities was no longer supported.


The IBM i 7.3 Memo to Users states that at IBM® Advanced Function Printing Utilities (5770AF1) is no longer supported.

The last release for IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities (5770-AF1) was IBM i 7.2. The Advance Function Presentation data stream is now an open architecture managed by the AFP Consortium. Replacement products, which offer support for a wider range of image formats and modern font technologies, are available from several of the companies that are members of the AFP Consortium. Among the replacement products are DocPath Boulder Suite (from DocPath) and Overview AFP Designer for iSeries (from Isis-Papyrus). This is not a comprehensive list of replacement products, as other companies may also offer function which replaces Advanced Function Printing Utilities.

Many customers confuse AFP Utilities (hereafter referred to as AFPU) with AFP, and think that AFP resources will no longer be supported. This is not the case.

Existing AFP resources (overlays, page segments, etc...) created with AFPU on V7R2 or older will continue to work and be supported. In addition, we will continue to support AFP Resources created by other means, such as the AFP Driver, and the CRTOVL and CRTPAGSEG commands. The support statement is only referring to the AFPU product itself.

This leads us to the commonly asked question -- OK but will AFPU work anyway?

The answer is "Yes, but if there are issues it is still not supported." Development has assured us that the v7.2 version will install and run on v7.3. This allows customers who rely on AFPU to have additional time to look at other solutions to replace it.

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