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Optical hardware driver flight recorder

Technote (troubleshooting)


This document explain how to collect Optical Hardware Driver Flight Recorder


Debugging issue with Optical drive or RDX Optical Hardware Driver Flight Recorder should be collected.

To collect Optical hardware driver flight recorder you should run the following during hung condition:
o Determine the hardware resource name being used by the varied on device. This can be done using command DSPDEVD.  
o Option 1 Start a service tool
o Option 7 Hardware service manager
o Option 3 Locate resource by resource name
o Resource name . . RMSxx then ENTER
o Option 7 Verify
o The next screen should get this message:
"On-line diagnostics are not supported for this device."
o Press hidden function key F19
o You will get this screen:
Removable Media Hardware Verification
Data1 :
Data2 :
Data3 :
o On this screen, enter "VL" for the Option, and press enter.
Data4 will change to Data4: 3A00 100D VLOG
o There is now a 3A00 100D Lic Log that can be printed from service tools.
o To Print VLOG
This is a command to dump the VLOG entries into one spoolfile where xx:xx:xx is the time range (beginning and ending time) and xx/xx/xxxx is the date range (beginning and ending date).
QSYS/PRTINTDTA TYPE(*DMP) DMPID(*ALL) PERIOD(('xx:xx:xx' 'xx/xx/xxxx') ('xx:xx:xx' 'xx/xx/xxxx'))
Then either issue WRKJOB option 4 to work with your spooled files or issue WRKSPLF.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Operating System IBM i 7.2
Operating System IBM i 7.1

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Software version: 7.1, 7.2

Operating system(s): IBM i

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Modified date: 06 June 2018