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iSeries Recommended Fixes - WebSphere Application Server - All Versions - OS V7R1

Preventive Service Planning


iSeries Recommended Fixes for WebSphere Application Server



These recommendations are based upon your system already having installed the most current Cumulative PTF Package, HIPER Group PTF, and Database Group PTF. For further information or to order these PTFs, please follow this link:

The Rochester Support Center recommends installing the group and individual fixes listed below for corrective service and preventative maintenance. If a problem persists after the recommended fixes have been installed, the Rochester Support Center can more efficiently diagnose the problem and additional fixes may be recommended.

Fixes Product Description
SF99364 5733W61 WebSphere Application Server Version 6.1 for V7R1 OS/400
SF99363 5733W70 WebSphere Application Server Version 7.0 for V7R1 OS/400
SF99380 5733W80 WebSphere Application Server Version 8.0 for V7R1 OS/400
SF99381 5733W85 WebSphere Application Server Version 8.5 for V7R1 OS/400

Important Information
All of the group PTFs listed above contain the following additional group PTFs:

SF99572 JAVA fixes for V7R1
SF99701 IBM DB2 UDB for iSeries Group PTF for V7R1
SF99368 IBM HTTP Server for i5/OS V7R1 PTF Group
Installation / Upgrade Considerations
For special instructions, review the cover letter for each PTF.

Important Information


Installation / Upgrade Considerations


Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Operating System IBM i 7.1

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More support for: IBM i
WebSphere Application Server

Software version: 7.1, 7.1.0

Operating system(s): IBM i, iSeries

Reference #: N1020433

Modified date: 07 September 2016

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