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V6R1 How to Disable SSL Version 3 for HTTP Admin (Port 2005) - CVE-2014-3566

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The following instructions explain how to disable SSL Version 3 for the HTTP ADMIN server on V6R1, so that port 2005 will only use TLS. This is to address concerns about CVE-2014-3566 (POODLE).


V6R1 only - V7R1+ the ADMIN2 job has been updated to use Liberty, so these instructions do not apply

Resolving the problem

Warning: Disabling SSL Version 3 for the HTTP ADMIN may prevent older browsers from being able to connect to the IBM Systems Director Navigator page

To disable SSL Version 3 for port 2005, you must perform the following steps:
1. End the HTTP ADMIN server by issuing the following IBM i command:

2. Once all the ADMIN jobs have ended in the QHTTPSVR subsystem, type the following command on the IBM i command line:

EDTF '/qibm/userdata/os/osgi/lwisysinst/admin2/lwi/conf/'

If the above command returns a empty file the following steps should be completed.
WRKLNK '/QIBM/UserData/OS/OSGI/LWISysInst/admin2/lwi/conf/'
Then option 2

a. Modify the last line from this:

To the following:

b. Insert the following line:
3. Press F3 two times to save/exit the file.
4. Restart the HTTP ADMIN server by issuing the following command:


Once ADMIN is started, it will only support connections on port 2005 with TLS enabled in the browser.

The above changes now can be done by applying the following *IMMED PTFs with the ADMIN server ended:

SI57921                                  V6R1M0      

Once the PTF is applied the ADMIN server will automatically perform the steps outlined above the first time it starts up.

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Operating System IBM i 7.1
Operating System IBM i 6.1

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Modified date: 14 November 2016