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QMGTOOLS: Installing QMGTOOLS Using iDoctor

Technote (troubleshooting)


QMGTOOLS Must Gather Collector can be uploaded to an IBM i using iDoctor.

Resolving the problem

iDoctor provides an easy interface for a user to download QMGTOOLS and upload that to an IBM i server.

This document is separated into 2 sections : iDoctor not installed on a PC or iDoctor is installed on a PC. Refer to the appropriate section.

iDoctor is not installed on a PC

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    1) To install iDoctor on a PC, use the following URL. If this URL does not work, try an internet search for keywords "IBM iDoctor Download".

    2) If installing for the first time, scroll down to section titled New User Install Tips on the download website.

    3) Welcome screen, click Next.

    4) Accept the license agreement and click Next.

    5) Click on Server and Client and click Next.

    6) From here add the system or systems to install and add the logon credentials. Click Next.

    7) Select the correct version of Must Gather Tools. Other options such as Base Support, Heap Analyzer, Job Watcher, and PEX analyzer are OK to install too as it is part of iDoctor, but not necessary. Click Next and follow the installation prompts. Once the installation finishes, QMGTOOLS library should be on the IBM i server.

iDoctor is installed on a PC
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    1) Click on the system from iDoctor and this screen should be present :

    2) There should be a component call Must Gather Tools. There should be a status field next to it either it is labeled "Available" or "Not installed".

    3) If it is "Available", that means that iDoctor detects that QMGTOOLS is installed. In either case, clicking on the "Check for new server builds" button will check for the latest QMGTOOLS and other components of iDoctor. A pop up similiar to this one should appear.

    4) Click on yes and follow the instructions.

Additional Notes

MustGather: How To Obtain and Install QMGTOOLS

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