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QMGTOOLS: Front end interface for IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility

Technote (troubleshooting)


QMGTOOLS offers a front end interface to allow users to upload via a secure FTP to EcuRep.

Diagnosing the problem

QMGTOOLS offers a front end interface to allow users to upload via a secure FTP to EcuRep (Enhanced Customer Data Repository) of data for IBM to analyze.

Resolving the problem

Note: Although this uses the normal FTP port (21), the data is being sent encrypted to IBM.

Step 1

Obtain and install a copy of QMGTOOLS library from IBM. Follow the below URL for information.

Step 2

Once installed, add QMGTOOLS to your library list via ADDLIBLE command. Run command GO MG to bring up the QMGTOOLS main menu. The option to FTP is seen as option 11.

Step 3

There are several options. Explanations of the parameters will be after the screen shots of the display. The FTP Type parameter must be set to *IBMSDDUU.

IBM/BD ID and pass IBM ID or BD ID
At some point in time, users will need to provide an IBM ID to upload data. For now, the default is 'anonymous'. To register for an IBM ID, refer to the below URL:

if that URL does not work, just do a search for "IBM ID" using an Internet search engine
File type Is it a file in the IFS or is this an iSeries save file
PMR#, Branch, Country The qualified PMR number if exist
RCMS# RCMS# number if exist
Sales Force# Sales Force ticket number if exist
File/Library If the file is an iSeries save file, then specify the file and library where it is located
IFS file If the file is in the IFS, the specify the IFS file location
Contains Perf data Does this file contain performance data. If so, what is it :
*JW (Job Watcher)
*DW (Disk Watcher)
*CS (Collection Services)
Config file A user can create a configuration file to override some options of the IBMSDDUU FTP process (refer to the link to IBMSDDUU below for additonal information)
FTP server The EcuRep server
Email address Put in an email address to be informed when the FTP process is finished and that data had been uploaded
Number of threads The IBMSDDUU will take a file and split it up an x number of times and upload in parallel. Valid threads are 1-8.
Log file Location of the log file
Debug To be used by internal IBM for debug purposes
Proxy support If the system needs to FTP thru a proxy (meaning it cannot connect FTP directly) then put what type of proxy here.

*NONE - direct FTP
*HTTP - HTTP proxy
*FTP - FTP proxy
*SOCKS4 - Socks version 4 proxy
*SOCKS5 - Socks version 5 proxy
Proxy server address If using a proxy, put in the IP address of it
Proxy port The proxy's listening port. *DFT will use the defaul which is port 8080 for HTTP and 1080 for Socks.

This option is ignored when choosing FTP proxy.
Proxy user ID and password If the *HTTP, *SOCKS4, or *SOCKS5 server requires a user ID and password, else leave it to *NONE.

This option is ignored when choosing FTP proxy.
FTP proxy support When choosing FTP proxy, there are some initiating process that the FTP proxy needs. The values are :

0 - no ftp proxy is used ( this is the default )

1 - connect; USER <p_user>; PASS <p_passwd>;
SITE <server>; USER <user>; PASS <passwd>

2 - connect; SITE <server>; USER <user>; PASS <passwd>

3 - connect; USER <p_user>; PASS <p_passwd>;
OPEN <server>; USER <user>; PASS <passwd>

4 - connect; OPEN <server>; USER <user>; PASS <passwd>

5 - connect; USER <user>@<server>; PASS <passwd>

6 - connect; USER <p_user>@<server>; PASS <p_passwd>;USER <user>; PASS <passwd>

7 - connect; USER <user>@<server> <p_user>;PASS <p_passwd>;ACCT <passwd>

8 - connect; USER <user>@<server> <p_user>;PASS <passwd>;ACCT <p_passwd>

9 - connect;USER<user>@<p_user>@<server>;PASS <passwd>;ACCT <p_passwd>

10 - connect; USER <user>@<p_user>@<server>;PASS <p_passwd>;
ACCT <passwd>

11 - connect; USER <p_user>; PASS <p_passwd>;USER <user>@<server>; PASS <passwd>

12 - (CheckPoint Firewall 1)connect; USER <user>@<p_user>@<server>PASS <passwd>@<p_passwd>
FTP proxy address IP address of the FTP proxy
FTP proxy port The port that the proxy is listening on. The default is 21.
FTP proxy user and password If the FTP proxy requires authentication

Additional Information

The log file location specified in the Log File parameter can be viewed via WRKLNK and 5 to display. For example, the default log file is /tmp/ibmsdduu/ibmsdduu.log. Use command WRKLNK OBJ('/tmp/ibmsdduu/ibmsdduu.log') and option 5 to display the log.

Information regarding IBMSDDUU can be found at this URL :

Cross reference information
Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Operating System IBM i 7.2
Operating System IBM i 7.1
Operating System IBM i 6.1

Document information

More support for: IBM i

Software version: 6.1.0, 6.1.1, 7.1.0, 7.2.0

Operating system(s): IBM i

Reference #: N1019738

Modified date: 18 April 2018

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