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V6R1 Standard and Keyed Set Media Contents

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This document lists the Licensed Program Products that are on each of the standard and keyed set CDs shipped with V6R1.

Resolving the problem

This information lists the optical media that is received with an IBM i order.

Your media for installation must be arranged in the order that is listed.

Distribution media labels indicate the release and modification level in a format that is different from what appears on displays during installation. The release and modification level are shown in the format R0xM00 as shown below:

Release identifier for V6R1: R01M00

Media Type Identifiers

Labels on the distribution media that are used for installation have unique identifiers. Media type identifiers are located on the center of the label. These identifiers help determine when to use each media volume. The identifiers on the label are as follows: I_BASE_01, B29xx_01, B29xx_02, F29xx_01, and so on.

Note: With your V6R1 software order, you receive the Prepare for install PTFs for V5R1, V5R2, and V5R3, SK3T-8163, CD-ROM. This media is for V5R3-to-V6R1 upgrades and contains PTFs that you temporarily apply to accept the online software agreements for V6R1 licensed programs.

When you are ready to install your new software, arrange the media in the following order:

1. I_BASE_01 Licensed Machine Code

This language-independent Licensed Machine Code (Licensed Internal Code) supports all national language features. The Licensed Machine Code is part of the standard set of media.

Product Description
Table 1. I_BASE_01
5761999 Licensed Machine Code
2. B29xx_01 IBM i

This media contains the base part of the i operating system, IBM-supplied libraries QGPL and QUSRSYS, and all i no-charge Options.
Product Description
Table 2. B29xx_01
5761SS1 IBM i5/OS
5761SS1 IBM i5/OS - Library QGPL
5761SS1 IBM i5/OS - Library QUSRSYS
5761SS1 Option 1 IBM i5/OS - Extended Base Support
5761SS1 Option 2 IBM i5/OS - Online Information
5761SS1 Option 3 IBM i5/OS - Extended Base Directory Support
5761SS1 Option 5 IBM System/36 Environment
5761SS1 Option 6 IBM System/38 Environment
5761SS1 Option 7 Example Tools Library
5761SS1 Option 8 AFP Compatibility Fonts
5761SS1 Option 9 *PRV CL Compiler Support
5761SS1 Option 12 Host Servers
5761SS1 Option 13 System Openness Includes
5761SS1 Option 14 GDDM
5761SS1 Option 18 Media and Storage Extensions (see Note 1)
5761SS1 Option 21 Extended G11N Support
5761SS1 Option 22 ObjectConnect
5761SS1 Option 29 Integrated Server Support
5761SS1 Option 30 Qshell
5761SS1 Option 31 Domain Name System
5761SS1 Option 33 Portable Application Solutions Environment
5761SS1 Option 34 Digital Certificate Manager
5761SS1 Option 35 CCA Cryptographic Service Provider
5761SS1 Option 36 PSF for i5/OS 1-55 IPM Printer Support (see Note 1)
5761SS1 Option 37 PSF for i5/OS 1-100 IPM Printer Support (see Note 1)
5761SS1 Option 38 PSF for i5/OS Any Speed Printer Support (see Note 1)
5761SS1 Option 39 International Components for Unicode
5761SS1 Option 41 HA Switchable Resources (see Note 1)
5761SS1 Option 42 HA Journal Performance (see Note 1)
5761SS1 Option 46 Performance Viewer Open Source Components
1. Indicates that the Option requires a software license key.
2. 5761SS1 Options 23, 26, 27, 44, and 45 (if ordered) are delivered on separate media. 5761SS1 Option 43 is on the next (B29xx_02) DVD.
3. B29xx_02

This media contains the no-charge licensed programs and keyed products.

Table 3. B29xx_02
5761SS1 Option 43 Additional Fonts
5761AF1 *BASE IBM Advanced Function Printing Utilities (see Note)
5761AP1 *BASE (if media is in double-byte character set language) IBM Advanced DBCS Printer Support for iSeries (see Note)
5761AP1 Option 1 (if media is in double-byte character set language) IBM Advanced DBCS Printer Support - IPDS (see Note)
5761BR1 *BASE IBM Backup Recovery and Media Services for i5/OS (see Note)
5761BR1 Option 1 BRMS - Network Feature (see Note)
5761BR1 Option 2 BRMS - Advanced Feature (see Note)
5722BZ1 *BASE IBM Business Solutions
5761CM1 *BASE IBM Communications Utilities for System i (see Note)
5761DE1 *BASE IBM DB2 Extenders Version 9.1 for i5/OS (see Note)
5761DE1 Option 1 DB2 Text Extender (see Note)
5761DE1 Option 2 DB2 XML Extender (see Note)
5761DE1 Option 3 Text Search Engine (see Note)
5761DG1 *BASE IBM HTTP Server for i5/OS
5761DG1 Option 1 Triggered Cache Manager
5761DP4 *BASE IBM DB2 DataPropagator for iSeries V8.1 (see Note)
5761HAS *BASE IBM System i High Availability Solutions Manager (see Note)
5722IP1 *BASE Infoprint Server for iSeries (see Note)
Note: Option 1 (PS to AFP Transform), if ordered, is delivered on separate media.
5761JC1 *BASE IBM Toolbox for Java
5761JS1 *BASE IBM Advanced Job Scheduler for i5/OS (see Note)
5761JV1 *BASE IBM Developer Kit for Java
5761JV1 Option 6 Java Developer Kit 1.4
5761JV1 Option 7 Java Developer Kit 5.0
5761JV1 Option 8 J2SE 5.0 32-bit
5761JV1 Option 9 J2SE 5.0 64-bit
5761JV1 Option 10 Java SE Development Kit 6
5761JV1 Option 11 Java SE 6 32-bit
5761JV1 Option 12 Java SE 6 64-bit
5761LSV *BASE IBM Extended Integrated Server Support for i5/OS
5761NAE *BASE IBM Network Authentication Enablement for i5/OS
5761PT1 *BASE IBM Performance Tools for i5/OS (see Note)
5761PT1 Option 1 Performance Tools - Manager Feature (see Note)
5761PT1 Option 2 Performance Tools - Agent Feature (see Note)
5761PT1 Option 3 Performance Tools - Job Watcher (see Note)
5761QU1 *BASE IBM Query for i5/OS (see Note)
5733SC1 *BASE IBM Portable Utilities for i5/OS
5733SC1 Option 1 OpenSSH, OpenSSL, zlib functions
5761ST1 *BASE IBM DB2 Query Manager and SQL Development Kit for i5/OS (see Note)
5761TC1 *BASE IBM TCP/IP Connectivity Utilities for i5/OS
5761TS1 *BASE IBM Transform Services for i5/OS
5761TS1 Option 1 Transforms - AFP to PDF Transform
5722UME *BASE IBM Universal Manageability Enablement for i5/OS (see Note)
5761WDS *BASE IBM WebSphere Development Studio for System i (see Note)
5761WDS Option 21 Application Development ToolSet (see Note)
5761WDS Option 31 ILE RPG (see Note)
5761WDS Option 32 System/36 Compatible RPG II (see Note)
5761WDS Option 33 System/38 Compatible RPG III (see Note)
5761WDS Option 34 RPG/400 (see Note)
5761WDS Option 35 ILE RPG *PRV Compiler (see Note)
5761WDS Option 41 ILE COBOL (see Note)
5761WDS Option 42 System/36 Compatible COBOL (see Note)
5761WDS Option 43 System/38 Compatible COBOL (see Note)
5761WDS Option 44 OPM COBOL (see Note)
5761WDS Option 45 ILE COBOL *PRV Compiler (see Note)
5761WDS Option 51 ILE C (see Note)
5761WDS Option 52 ILE C++ (see Note)
5761WDS Option 56 IXLC for C/C++ (see Note)
5761WDS Option 60 Workstation Tools - Base (see Note)
5761XE1 *BASE IBM System i Access for Windows
5761XH2 *BASE IBM System i Access for Web (see Note)
5722XP1 *BASE IBM System i Access for Wireless
5761XW1 *BASE IBM System i Access Family (see Note)
5761XW1 Option 1 IBM System i Access Enablement Support (see Note)
Note: Indicates that the licensed program or Option requires a software license key.
4. F29xx_01 Single licensed programs

This media contains individual products that you ordered. The first media volume is labeled as F29xx_01. If you receive more than one media volume for a single licensed program, the additional volumes are labeled F29xx_02, F29xx_03, and so on. Refer to Licensed program releases and sizes for the single products available this release.

5. N29xx_01 Secondary Language Media

This media contains only language objects for the indicated secondary language. For secondary language media, the value for 29xx is the feature code of the secondary language as used for installation. Feature codes for national language version contains a listing of the specific national language feature codes.

6. SK3T-4091 IBM i Information Center

This media volume comes with all IBM i5/OS orders. This package includes the i Information Center and PDF versions of System i topics and manuals.

1. Keep all of your distribution media. You may need them for recovery procedures.
2. Media identifiers that contain the string 29xx (where xx are numerals) indicate language-specific media. This string indicates the national language feature code for the primary language. For example, media labeled B2928_01 would be i5/OS with French as the primary language.
3. You may receive additional media volumes that do not conform to these descriptions. Examples include media that contain PRPQs or media for System i Access products that are installed on workstations. In addition, IBM Business Partners may label the media differently.
4. Julian dates are shown in the form yddd. The y is the last digit of the year (0 through 9), and ddd is the day of the year (0 through 366). For example, the Julian date for 6 April 2008 is 8097 because 06 April is the 97th day of the year 2008.
5. 5770UME will be shipped instead of 5722UME, if installation media was created 10/29/10 or later. Refer to Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document N1012366, IBM i 5770-UME Considerations: and Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document N1011885, Message CPDA97C During Preparation Step Related to Product 5722UME: Database 'DCF Technotes (IBM i)', View 'Products', Document 'Message CPDA97C During Preparation Step Related to Product 5722UME' for details.

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Operating System IBM i 7.2
Operating System IBM i 7.1
Operating System IBM i 6.1

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