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Printing Draft Quality on OKI Microline Dot Matrix Printers

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This document discusses an issue where the printer files have been changed or overridden to set the Print quality (PRTQLTY) parameter to *DRAFT; however, spooled files continue to print in Near-Letter Quality (NLQ) on OKI Microline dot matrix printers.

Resolving the problem

The system-supplied *WSCST objects for IBM and Epson dot matrix printers are typically set up to have Host Print Transform (HPT) select draft quality when the spooled file attributes have the Print quality (PRTQLTY) parameter set to *DRAFT, or to select Near-Letter Quality (NLQ) when the PRTQLTY parameter in the spooled file attributes are set to *NLQ or *STD.

The system-supplied printer files are shipped with the Print Quality (PRTQLTY) parameter set to *STD and the Create Printer File (CRTPRTF) command defaults the PRTQLTY parameter to *STD, so spooled files will typically print in Near-Letter Quality (NLQ) on ASCII dot matrix and line printers. However, changing or overriding the printer files to specify PRTQLTY(*DRAFT) will usually print in draft quality.

This is not the case when configuring to use HPT with the Manufacturer type and model (MFRTYPMDL) parameter set to certain models of OKI Microline dot matrix printers, specifically *OKI184IBM, *OKI320IBM, *OKI321IBM, *OKI390IBM, *OKI391IBM, and *OKI393IBM. The reason for this is because the system-supplied *WSCST objects that correspond to these MFRTYPMDL settings do not contain Print Quality (PRTQLTY) tags.

This issue can be resolved by switching to use one of the MFRTYPMDL settings for the IBM Proprinter dot matrix printers, which include the Print Qualtiy (PRTQLTY) tag, or by using one of the MFRTYPMDL settings for an Epson dot matrix printer after changing the OKI microline printer hardware to use Epson ESC/P or ESC/P2 emulation mode; for example:

Epson MFRTYPMDL Setting

Note: If you want to force draft quality, or Near-Letter (NLQ) quality, regardless of whether the Print quality (PRTQLTY) parameter in the spooled file attributes is set to *DRAFT, *STD or *NLQ, then another option would be to create a modified Workstation Customizing Object (WSCST) using the step-by-step instructions in Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document N1010300, or use one of the pre-built WSCST objects that are available through Rochester Support Center knowledgebase document New.

For More Information (References)

For more information, refer to the following Rochester Support Center knowledgebase documents:

N1019531: Information on Printers from Okidata and OKI Printing Solutions
N1019698: Printer Model Settings for Host Print Transform (HPT)
N1010300: Forcing All Output to Draft Quality or Near-Letter Quality (NLQ) using Host Print Transform (HPT)
N1019007: Pre-Built Workstation Customizing Objects (WSCSTs) from IBM iSeries Remote Technical Support
N1019713: Using Host Print Transform (HPT) with a Remote Output Queue (RMTOUTQ)
N1019470: Using Host Print Transform (HPT) with a PC5250 Printer Session

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