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Determining the Version of Java Toolbox

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This document provides methods to determine what version of the IBM Toolbox for Java jar file is being used.

Resolving the problem

Use the following method to determine what version of Toolbox is contained in a jt400.jar file.

The Toolbox jar includes a utility class named AboutToolbox that can be used to determine the version of the jar file. Running this utility produces output similar to the following:

IBM Toolbox for Java:
Open Source Software, JTOpen 8.1, codebase 5770-SS1 V7R2M0.00 built=20131021 @J5

Supports JDBC version 3.0
Toolbox driver version 10.1

The following steps can be used to run this utility from an IBM System i system command line.

Step 1: Start the QSHELL environment, and change directories to the location of the jt400.jar file. Do this by running the following commands:

cd "/QIBM/ProdData/HTTP/Public/jt400/lib" (adjust path as necessary)

Step 2: Run the following command to produce the utility output:

java -cp ./jt400.jar utilities.AboutToolbox

This should produce output that lists the version of the Toolbox jar file.

NOTE: If the version of Toolbox in use does not contain the AboutToolbox utility, it is very old, and an upgrade should be considered.

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