Configuring the Version 6 and Earlier HMC to Accept SSH Connections and Remote Commands

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The HMC supports several types of remote connections. This document describes how to configure the HMC to receive and work with a remote SSH connection request.

Resolving the problem

The HMC supports several types of remote connections. Do the following to configure the HMC to receive and work with a remote SSH connection request:

Step 1: Examine the configuration of eth1 on the HMC, and ensure it has a public address:

This is the Customize Network Settings dialog box that shows the LAN Adapters.

Step 2: Ensure the HMC ssh server is enabled:

Select HMC Management > HMC Configuration > Enable or Disable Remote Command Execution. On the Remote Execution Options dialog, verify the Enable remote command execution using the ssh facility check box is selected. If it is not, select the box, and click OK.

This window shows the Remote Execution Options Dialog box with the option selected (enabled).

Step 3: Ensure the HMC eth1 firewall is enabled for ssh:

Select HMC Management > HMC Configuration > Network Settings. On the Customize Network Settings dialog, select eth1. Then, click the Details button. On the LAN Adapter Details dialog, click the Firewall tab. Scroll through the lower list box looking for Secure Shell - 22:tcp. If it is not in the lower list box, select it in the top list box. Then, click the Allow Incoming button. Click OK to save the change. Note that a reboot is not necessary (even though a message stating it is required might appear).

LAN Adapter Details - Firewall Dialog

Step 4: Ensure the Microsoft Windows PC can access the HMC by running a PING to the public address of eth1 from the PC.

Step 5: After it is enabled on the HMC, any SSH client can be used to remotely connect to it. A popular ssh client that can be used with Microsoft Windows is PuTTY. It can be downloaded from the following Web site:

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