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MustGather: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error/HTTP 404 Not Found Error with IBM i Administration Server (2001 Port)



Collecting data for HTTP 500 Internal Server Errors/HTP 404 Not Found Errors with the IBM i Administration Server (2001 Port). Gathering this MustGather information before calling IBM Support will help familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and save you time.

Resolving The Problem

An HTTP 500 Internal Server Error/ HTTP 404 Not Found error is generally indicated when the internet browser throws a status code of:

1. 500 Internal Server Error - The server encountered an unexpected condition which prevented it from fulfilling the request.
2. 404 Not Found - The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI.

HTTP 500 Internal Server Error/HTTP 404 Not Found Error specific MustGather information

If you encounter a HTTP 500 Internal Server Error/HTTP 404 Not Found Error when accessing the IBM i Administration server over ports 2001/2010/2004/2005, you should collect the following information when the internal application server and application(s) are experiencing the problem.

Appendix A: How to execute and gather the HTTPAdmin collector for IBM i (HTTPADMCOL)


On the IBM i command line type the following command:


If the library is found follow steps B and C below. If the library is not found we will want to do steps A - C to install QMGTOOLS and update it:

A) On the IBM i command line type the following to restore the QMGTOOLS library (NOTE: QALWOBJRST system value needs to be set to *ALL):


B) We can then run the following commands:



C) Take an opt. 13 to check for an update and follow the prompts to automatically download and restore the updated library. NOTE : If the system cannot connect to IBM please perform 'Method 1' from the following document to manually update the QMGTOOLS library:


Once QMGTOOLS is updated we can then type the following command (replace the PMR , BRANCH , COUNTRY and EMAIL with your PMR information and your email address):


*The above command will run for 5-15 minutes and will automatically FTP the '/tmp/collectorscripts/data/' file to ecurep and forward to the PMR number noted. If the local IBM i does not have FTP access, it will fail to upload, and the '/tmp/collectorscripts/data/' file will need to be uploaded manually to

  For full instructions on using HTTPADMCOL from QMGTOOLS, refer to document

Appendix B: How to collect and send diagnostic information to IBM Support

(Optional) This is only required if the automatic upload process fails.

1. Collect the file from the /tmp/COLLECTORSCRIPTS/data directory on the IFS of the IBM i.

The file can be transferred to your PC via a mapped network drive, FTP, or using the System i Navigator Windows application.  Instructions on how to FTP the file to your PC are provided below.

1. Ensure the FTP server is started on your IBM i server, STRTCPSVR *FTP.

On your PC, open a DOS command prompt

Start -> Run -> cmd

Change to the C:\ drive

cd C:\

FTP to your IBM i server

ftp ''
5. Log into your IBM i server.

Enter the following commands to transfer the file to your PC.


quote site na 1


7. The file should transfer successfully to the C:\ directory on your PC.

2. Upload the data to IBM Support

For transferring files to IBM that are smaller than 2GB each (files may exceed 2GB in total)
If you have an existing PMR:

1. Go to our ECUREP upload site at the following address:
2. Enter your PMR number, select OS/400 for the Upload is for field, then supply your e-mail address (a confirmation of the upload will be sent to you).
3. Click Continue .
4. Choose File button to select the file you would like to upload to IBM Support (i.e. Select the C:\ file).
5. Click Submit to transfer the file and associate it with your PMR.

If you are opening a new PMR:
1. Sign on to the SR tool at the following URL:
2. Select Open a new service request .
3. Follow the steps to create a Service Request until you have come to the final page prior to submitting your request.
4. Scroll down to the Attach additional files section.
5. Click Browse to start adding files to your PMR. (i.e. Select the C:\ file) Note that there is a 2GB limit per file.

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