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IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility in the IBM i Environment

Technote (troubleshooting)


IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility (IBMSDDUU) is a secure mechanism to quickly upload data to IBM for Support purposes.

Resolving the problem


o JDK 1.6 must be installed to take advantage of this utility. This is included in products 57xxJV1 Option 10 and Option 11. This product must be special ordered at v5r4m0 and v5r4m5; however, it is shipped on standard media at v6r1m0 and beyond.
o An IBM Support problem record must be open already, to which the uploaded data will be associated.
The latest version of the tool can be downloaded at the following link using an IBM Registration ID:

Instructions for use in IBM i environment
o Download the ibmsdduu.jar file from the link provided above.
o Place the ibmsdduu.jar file in any IFS directory (for example, /home/mydir).
o Issue the STRQSH command from the IBM i command line to get into the P0SIX environment.
o Change to the directory containing the ibmsdduu.jar file (for example, cd /home/mydir/).
o For sending standard IFS files:

java -Djava.version=1.6 -cp ibmsdduu.jar ibmsdduu.cmd -pmr -id=XXXXX.YYY.ZZZ -threads=8 -encrypt /SampleDataDir/SampleData.bin
o For sending data that resides in an IBM i OS library environment:

Example - Sending a Save File, SAMPLDTA, in library SAMPLLIB:
    In QSH, create a directory in the IFS to hold data temporarily:
    mkdir /sampledir
    Move or copy the Save File to the newly created directory:
    Send the file using ibmsdduu.jar:
    java -Djava.version=1.6 -cp ibmsdduu.jar ibmsdduu.cmd -pmr -id=XXXXX.YYY.ZZZ -threads=8 -encrypt /sampledir/SAMPLDTA.FILE

Replace XXXXX.YYY.ZZZ with the PMR number, Branch, and Country Code, for which the data is associated.
Replace the data path for the appropriate data location.

The -threads parameter allows for specifying between 1 and 8 threads. The maximum of 8 threads may not be allowed in some customer environments; however, it is allowed by IBM's Enhanced Customer Data Repository (ECuRep).

Specifying a server close to your geographic location may yield improved upload performance and reliability. Use the -server parameter to select a closer data repository.
    In the Americas use:
    In Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, use: or
    In Asia Pacific use:

Full help text can be obtained by issuing the following command:

java -Djava.version=1.6 -cp ibmsdduu.jar ibmsdduu.cmd -help

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Operating System IBM i 7.1

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