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This document explains how to send/upload data to IBM i Support using the MustGather tool.


IBM i OS v7.1 and later

Diagnosing The Problem

The IBM MustGather tool provides an automated option for sending/uploading MustGather data/files to IBM i Support from the IBM i Server.

When executed, the tool will automatically send/upload a save file or files in the IFS from your IBM i Server to IBM i Support using EcuRep.

Resolving The Problem

On the IBM i server, you should follow the instructions below to send/upload the MustGather information needed by IBM Support to help diagnose the cause of and resolve your issue.

Note: If this method fails, refer to this link for additional methods:

Step 1 Install QMGTOOLS

If the MGTOOLS toolkit has not yet been installed, you should refer to the following document for how to download and install the MGTOOLS toolkit on your IBM i server.

Step 2 The FTP option

A) Add the QMGTOOLS library to your library list by issuing the following command:


B) Go to the QMGTOOLS main menu.


C) In the following example, option 10 is the FTP data to IBM option.

QMGTOOLS main menu

Step 3 Parameters

If sending a save file, choose *SAVF for the File Type parameter. The FILE and LIBRARY parameter is where you will put in the save file information.

If sending an IFS file, such as an HMC pedbg file, choose *IFS for the File Type parameter. The IFS FILE parameter is where you will put the location of the file in the IFS.

Note: Choosing *SFTP will use secure FTP for non-Blue Diamond customers. Choose *BDFTP for Blue Diamond customers even if SFTP is preferred. Refer to the Blue Diamond link at the bottom of this document for further details.

FTP type - *IBMSDDUU is a multi thread java application that splits up the file and uploads to EcuRep/Testcase, *SFTP uses secure FTP (port 22) to IBM, *STDFTP uses a standard FTP connection to EcuRep/Testcase, *BDFTP is for Blue Diamond customers

*IBMSDDUU encrypted standard FTP over port 21 in passive mode
*SFTP encrypted secure FTP over port 22
*STDFTP unencrypted standard FTP over port 21 in passive mode
*BDFTP encrypted SSL FTP over port 990 in passive mode

The hosts being used by QMGTOOLS is based on this URL :

IBM/BD ID and Pass - IBM ID, Transfer ID, Blue Diamond ID, or *STORED. Currently set to 'anonymous'. At some point in time, IBM will require an IBM ID to upload data if you are not a Blue Diamond client. Follow the link below to register for an IBM ID:

if the above URLs does not work, just do a search for "IBM ID" using an Internet search engine

*STORED refers to if the user stored credentials using the option "Store FTP2IBMCMD credentials" from the QMGTOOLS main menu.

File type - is the file located in the IFS or is this a save file. Note: When choosing *IFS for file type, this must refer to a file located in the IFS and not the IFS directory.

There are 3 options to enter an IBM problem number :
PMR#, Branch, Country - the PMR information
RCMS# - an RCMS number
Sales Force# - Sales force number

After you press Enter, you will be prompted with additional information. IBM recommends these values do not be changed unless directed by IBM. If you would like to receive a confirmation of the upload, you are welcome to enter your e-mail address in the "Email address" field. All other fields should be left with their default values.

Note: The '/tmp/ibmsdduu/ibmsdduu.log' log file can be reviewed to check or review the status of the upload.

An IBMSDDUU job will be submitted to execute the FTP transfer. Details on the FTP transfer are sent to a /tmp/ibmsdduu/ibmsdduu.log file produced by the IBMSDDUU job. To display the log file, simply execute the following commands. WRKLNK '/tmp/ibmsdduu/ibmsdduu.log'. Then, enter Option 5 to display the file and press ENTER.

To confirm the transfer was successful, review the '/tmp/ibmsdduu/ibmsdduu.log' file and search for the string 250 Transfer completed successfully. If this is found, the transfer was successful. You should note that this log file is appended to for each transfer made. You will want to go to the bottom of the file and search up from there to locate the latest messaging.

For more information on the details of this utility, you should refer to the following documents:

QMGTOOLS: Front end interface for IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility

IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility in the IBM i Environment

Related information

QMGTOOLS: Blue Diamond FTP
MustGather: Instructions for Sending Data to IBM i Support

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