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Flex System Manager (FSM) 1.3.2 - Vmcontrol - Support for SmartCloud Entry


IBM Flex System Manager (FSM) 1.3.2 ships with VMcontrol (VMC) 2.4.5.

IBM SmartCloud Entry 3.2 only supports up to VMControl 2.4.4.

Currently, FSM 1.3.2 is not supported by versions prior to 3.2 FP3 of SmartCloud Entry (Cloud Manager with OpenStack does not support VMC at any release).

SmartCloud Entry FP3 will support VMC 2.4.5.

Note: FP3 for SmartCloud Entry 3.2 adds support for VMControl,+pSeries&function=all

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More support for: Flex System Manager Node

Version: 1.3.2

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Modified date: 04 November 2014