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Flex System Manager (FSM) 1.3.2: Discovery and Inventory of ESXi 5.5 Host May Not Complete Correctly on Discovery of vCenter


You should ensure you have followed IBM requirements to manage ESXi 5.5. on Flex System Manager (FSM):

When FSM discover System task is performed against a VMware vCenter 5.5, the FSM will immediately perform an inventory of the vCenter.
The vCenter MEP should report access OK status and have both DCOM and vCenter protocols:

Properties of a vcenter server showing OK.

If DCOM and vCenter protocols do not report or are not unlocking, some of the common problems are as follows:

1. Windows Server firewall
By default DCOM is allowed; however, vCenter is not. Check the rules to allow vCenter.
Review VMware document for required ports

2. vCenter is in lockdown mode
If vCenter is in lockdown mode, it cannot be discovered for remote control (disable vCenter lockdown mode).

Once the vCenter is correctly discovered and unlocked as shown above, it will create a MEP for each
vCenter DataCenter with the same name as defined in vCenter.

From the vCenter MEP, select inventory:

Inventory tab from the mep properties view.

At the bottom of the inventory page, you will see the FARM MEP which represents the vCenter Datacenter:

Inventory data showing the farm mep details.

The Farm (in the example, WaltDC) should open the ESXi host MEP, if ESXi was discovered through the vCenter.
If, however, when the Farm is opened and it only reports details of the object ESXi, it could not be discovered correctly.

Print of a failed ESXi discovery:
General details for the farm MEP

This means the ESXi host could not be inventoried by the FSM. Common problems to resolve this issue include the following:
1. ESXi firewall - by default SLP and CIM ports are NOT open on the ESXi firewall.
VMware has documented how to alter the firewall rules rather than disabling.

In Step 4, the SLP and CIM task port would be set as below (CIM port listed in red for example):

<service id="0032">
<rule id='0000'>
<port>5989 </port>
2. SLP is not functioning on the ESXi host.

SSH must be enabled to run these commands. SSH can be disabled when complete:

o /etc/init.d/sfcbd-watchdog stop

o /etc/init.d/sfcbd-watchdog start

o /etc/init.d/slpd restart
3. Inventory the vCenter host.

After recovery from common problems, the vCenter MEP must be inventoried again.
When the FARM is correctly inventoried, clicking on the WaltDC farm will show the ESXi host (x node system name).
It will create a MEP for each ESXi host with the name of the ESXi host (the resolvable name):

Related systems view for the farm mep.

It will create a MEP for each Virtual Server defined on each ESXi host discovered. Selecting the ESXi host will show the inventory of all virtual servers:

Related systems view for all computer systems.

vCenter discovery and inventory may complete without any error reported. Only by reviewing the inventory results will you know if the inventory was complete and valid.

If all Virtual servers have been discovered, you are ready to work with your servers in VMControl.

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