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Disable Systems Director Agents on VIOS



The following commands and instructions will allow you to disable the Systems Director common agent and platform agent on VIOS:

1. From a padmin shell, run the following command:

2. To stop the common and platform agents, run the following command:

cimserver -s
3. To disable them, do the following:

a. Uninstall the nonstop service by running the following command:

/opt/ibm/director/agent/runtime/nonstop/bin/ -uninstallservice

b. In /etc/inittab , comment out these lines (using a ':' (colon) character at the beginning of the line, as seen here):

:director_agent:2:once:/opt/ibm/director/agent/bin/startagent_vios >/dev/null 2>&1
:climgrcim:23456789:once:/usr/ios/sbin/climgr cimserver start > /dev/null 2>&1

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