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Readme file for: LL_webui-
Product/Component Release:
Update Name: LL_webui-
Fix ID: LL_webui-
Publication Date: 8 February 2013
Last modified date: 8 February 2013

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Fix Download for Linux

Product/Component Name: Platform: Fix:
LoadLeveler Linux 64-bit,pSeries SLES 11
Linux 32-bit,x86 RHEL 5
Linux 64-bit,x86_64 RHEL 5

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Known issues

  • - Known Issues

Installation information

  • - Installation procedure

    Follow these instructions to install the Web User Interface for LoadLeveler for Linux.

    1. Change to the < UpdateDirectory > directory where you downloaded the *.tar.gz file for the WebUI, and where you have write access:

      cd < UpdateDirectory >
    2. Extract the RPM files from the tar file:

      tar -xzvf LoadL-webui- < update_version > .noarch.3.4.X.tar.gz


      < update_version > is 3.4.X.Y-0

      < X > is the MOD level
      < Y > is the PTF level

      The extracted files should match the tar file contents listed in the "View" file for the download.
    3. Verify that the LoadLeveler 3.4.X.0 "license" RPM is currently installed on this system:

      rpm -qa | grep LoadL

      The output of this command should be similar to the following:

      For LL 3.5.X and below:
      LoadL-full- < OS-ARCH > - < currently_installed_version >
      LoadL-full-license- < OS-ARCH > - < installed_license_version >
      LoadL-webui- < currently_installed_version >

      For LL 4.1:
      LoadL- < fileset > - < OS-ARCH > - < currently_installed_version >
      LoadL-full-license- < OS-ARCH > - < installed_license_version >
      LoadL-webui- < currently_installed_version >


      < OS-ARCH > should match the Linux Operating System and platform architecture of the machine you are installing on. For example, if you are upgrading an installation of LoadLeveler on a PowerPC 64 machine running SLES9, then < OS-ARCH > would be SLES9-PPC64.


      < currently_installed_version > is 3.4.X.Y-0


      < installed_license_version > is 3.4.X.0-0

      Note: Do not proceed if the LoadL-full-license- < OS-ARCH > -3.4.X.0-0 license package is not installed. That is, if you are currently running LoadLeveler 3.3.x for Linux you must first upgrade to LoadLeveler 3.4.X.0-0 before you can install the 3.4.X.Y-0 RPM you have just downloaded. Please contact your IBM marketing representative for information on how to obtain the LoadLeveler 3.4.X.0 CD-ROM that has the license package.
    4. If the LoadLeveler Web User Interface is currently running on the machine, stop the web application server.
    5. To apply the update:

      Uninstall the LoadL-webui- < currently_installed_version > package


      < currently_installed_version > is 3.4.X.Y-0

      and then install the LoadL-webui- < update_version > .noarch.rpm package by running the following commands:

      rpm -e LoadL-webui- < currently_installed_version > rpm -ivh LoadL-webui- < update_version > .noarch.rpm
    6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all the machines in the LoadLeveler cluster that have the LoadL-webui rpm installed.

    For further information, consult the LoadLeveler Library for the appropriate version of the LoadLeveler AIX and Linux Installation Guide.

Additional information

  • - Package contents

    Update for TWS LoadLeveler Web User Interface Preview

    LoadLeveler WebUI is a corrective fix for LoadLeveler Web User Interface Preview on all supported LoadLeveler platforms, version 4.1.1.X.

    The updates contained in the LL_webui- file available for download from this site provides corrective fixes for the LoadLeveler Web User Interface Preview, version 4.1.1.

    Update to Version:

    Update from Version: through

    Update (tar file) contents:

    RPM files:


    For further information, consult the README file for the preview.

  • - Changelog

    History of problems fixed for TWS LoadLeveler Web User Interface Preview 4.1.1.x :

    General TWS Web User Interface problems

    Problems fixed in TWS LoadLeveler Web User Interface [May 27, 2011]

    • A unique security issue has been identified that could potentially compromise your system. It is recommended that you apply this update to protect your system.

    TWS LoadLeveler Corrective Fix listing
    Fix Level APAR numbers
    LL webui IV00032

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More support for: LoadLeveler

Reference #: 00001428

Modified date: 08 February 2013

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