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The Virtual I/O Server 2.2 VIOS IZ90550 Interim Fix Readme

Readme file for: VIOS IZ90550 Interim Fix
Product/Component Release: 2.2
Update Name: VIOS IZ90550 Interim Fix
Fix ID: VIOS_2.2.0.10_IZ90550
Publication Date: 10 May 2011
Last modified date: 10 May 2011

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Virtual I/O Server VIOS

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To apply Interim Fix IZ90550, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to VIOS as padmin
  2. Run the following command to check the IOSLEVEL
    $ ioslevel
    The output must be one of the following
    OR SP01
    Do not apply this fix if the IOSLEVEL is not one of the two preceding levels.
  3. Create a directory to store the fix package, change directories to the new directory, and then download the package from Fix Central.
    $ mkdir <directory_name >
  4. Commit previous updates by running the following command:
    $ updateios -commit
  5. Next, apply the update by running the following command
    $ updateios -accept -install -dev <directory_name >
  6. The interim fix installation process produces output of the "Operation summary" of the updateios command. This output includes an installation preview; a prompt to continue installation; output of the command processing; and a final report of the installation of the interim fix(es).

    Follow the prompts during during command processing to install the interim fix(es).
  7. Check for installed interim fixes by entering the following command.
    $ lssw
    You should see your fix listed in the command output. The update is then complete.

List of fixes

Interim Fix IZ90550 for VIOS for IOSLEVEL or SP01

This fix applies to you if your VIOS is at either Fix Pack 24 (VIOS or Fix Pack 24 with Service Pack 01 (VIOS SP-01). Interim Fix IZ90550 fixes a problem where the "errdemon" is not restarted after you run the snap command to create a dump.

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More support for: Virtual I/O Server

Reference #: 00000499

Modified date: 10 May 2011

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