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Add Additional Vlan tags to running IVM

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Add Vlan tags to a running IVM with running AIX Lpars


What if questions are listed at the bottom of this document.

Configuring VIOS (IVM)

Add and additional Vlan tag of 148 to IVM so AIX Lpar could use
Vlan 148 tag to communicate.

Currently vios(IVM) has vitual adapter ent2 with PVID of ‘1’ as part of
SEA ( Shared Ethernet Adapter)

Steps to add vlan tag
1. Log in to IVM as padmin

2. Find the managed sytem name for commands that would follow the
'-m' flag

$ lssyscfg -r sys -F name
Managed system name is 9117-mma

3. Get the Lpar name and ID

$ lssyscfg -r lpar -F name,lpar_id

4. In oem_setu_env shell
look for the next avalilable slot :

# lsslot -c slot

Here is an example of the output
U7311.D11.10B8BDA-P1-C4 Logical I/O Slot pci4 pci5 ent2 ent3 ent4 ent5
U7879.001.DQD1AM1-P1-C1 Logical I/O Slot pci1 ent0
U9117.570.102C1EA-V5-C0 Virtual I/O Slot vsa0
U9117.570.102C1EA-V5-C3 Virtual I/O Slot ent6
U9117.570.102C1EA-V5-C4 Virtual I/O Slot ent7
U9117.570.102C1EA-V5-C13 Virtual I/O Slot vscsi0

The last slot used is C13
Slot 14 is the next available.

5. As padmin add a new virtual adapter which will have vlan tag of 148.
We must use a PVID that is not used anywhere else and it will not ever be
Used. In this case we used PVID of 400.

$ chhwres -m 9117-mma -p VIOS6 -o a -r virtualio --rsubtype eth -s 14 -a

-o is the option ‘a’ is to Add, -s is the slot number
We set the ieee_virtual_eth to 1 which means allow additional Vlans.
‘additional vlan’ is to specify the Vlans being added.
is_tunk=1 means that Access External Network is set to yes. Priority is ‘1’
since the current SEA has trunk priority of ‘1’.

The command gave this output which means it created slot 14

/usr/ios/lpm/sbin/lpmdrmgr drmgr -c slot -s 'U7998.61X.10B59CA-V1-C14'

6. Verify that the slot was crreated :

$ lshwres -r virtualio --rsubtype eth --level lpar

Here is the sample output.


***-------------- this is the newly created Slot 14



7. Find the newly created virtual adatper,
$ oem_setup_env

# lsdev –Cc adapter
. ent12 is available
8. Check if ent12 is in slot 14

# lscfg –vl ent12
You should see something like this

9. Verify that vlan tag of 148 is present.

# entstat -d ent12 |grep -i vlan
Invalid VLAN ID Packets: 0
Port VLAN ID: 400
VLAN Tag IDs: 148 …. This will become part of SEA

10. Add the newly creatd virtual adapter,ent12, into SEA

The SEA already has virtual ent2,
NOTE: The coammand to add slot 14 ( which is ent12) must
include the ent2 as well, otherwise ent2 will
be removed from SEA configuration.
As padmin :

$ chdev -dev ent9 -attr virt_adapters=ent2,ent12

11. Verify that Vlan tag is part of SEA

$ oem_setup_env

# lsatrr -El ent9
last line of output: ent2 and ent12 (both virtual adapter) are listed

# entstat -d ent9 | grep -i vlan
you will see both 148 and 1 vlan tags

Section 2: Configuring Lpar

12. Assign vlan tag 148 to virtual adatper on AIX.

These are the screens, If you don’t have a virtual adapter, just click on ‘create adapter’ and simply create a virtual adapter.

13. Go to IVM GUI
This can be done while AIX is running.
When these screen-shot were captured, the Lpar was not running.
If the AIX partition is not runnig, the steps are the almost the same: Add the virtual
adapter and activate the partition to read-in the new Virtual adapter.
For this document, AIX would be in ‘running’ state.
“Check” the box next to the partition
Click on More Tasks

click on Ethernet tab

If you don’t have a virtual adapter, click on Create Adapter, and create one.

Select a virtual adapter, then from drop-down list
select vlan tag of 148. ( 148 will show up in the List)
Click OK

14. Go to AIX,

run config manager

# cfgmgr

15. List Ethernet adapters
# lsdev -Cc adapter | grep ent

You will see the new virtual adapter on the aix which on our
example it is ent1

16. Verify Vlan tags
# entstat -d ent1 | grep -i vlan

You should see 148 now .

17. Put an IP on this virtual adapter , ent1

# smit chinet
select en1 NOT et1
enter IP and netmaks
set STATE to UP
Hit enter
18. Verify that en1 is up
# ifconfig -a

19. Try to PING and IP address from AIX

What if questions

- The new virtual adapter is incorrect. I have not added it to the SEA yet.
Delete the slot.
$ chhwres –p VIOS6 -o r -r virtualio --rsubtype eth -s 14
Slot # is 14

- I added the virtual adapter to SEA, need to take it out.

In our case, ent12 was added incorrectly need, to remove it.
Run the same chdev command to do the ‘add’, but this time leave out ent12

$ chdev -dev ent9 -attr virt_adapters=ent2

Now SEA only has one virtual adapter, which is the original ent2
To verify
# lsattr -El entX ( entX is the SEA ) in our case ent9

End of Document

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More support for: AIX family

Software version: 5.3, 6.1

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Reference #: T7000440

Modified date: 09 August 2011

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