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DFSORT is IBM's high-performance sort, merge, copy, analysis and reporting product. DFSORT is an optional feature of z/OS.

DFSORT/VSE is IBM's high-performance sort, merge, copy, analysis and reporting product for VSE/ESA.


Product highlights
bk-bullet.gif DFSORT, together with DFSMS and RACF, form the strategic product base for the evolving system-managed storage environment.
bk-bullet.gif DFSORT adds the ability to do faster and easier sorting, merging, copying, reporting and analysis of your business information, as well as versatile data handling at the record, fixed position/length or variable position/length field, and bit level.
bk-bullet.gif DFSORT is designed to optimize the efficiency and speed with which operations are completed through synergy with processor, device, and system features (for example, memory objects, Hiperspace, data space, striping, compression, extended addressing, DASD and tape device architecture, processor memory, processor cache, and so on) and other products (for example, The SAS System, COBOL, PL/I, IDCAMS BLDINDEX, and so on).
bk-bullet.gif DFSORT includes the high-performance ICEGENER facility, the versatile ICETOOL utility, Symbols, and multiple output capability with the powerful OUTFIL feature.
bk-bullet.gif z/OS DFSORT V1R10 (September, 2008) added PARMLIB changes for DFSORT installation options and other new features to DFSORT.
bk-bullet.gif PTF UK90013 (July, 2008) added new features to z/OS DFSORT V1R5, including FINDREP, WHEN=GROUP, DATASORT, SUBSET, FIRST(n), FIRSTDUP(n), WITHANY, BCOUNT, WRITE, TEXT, NOCC, and more.
bk-bullet.gif PTFs UK90007 and UK90006 (April, 2006) added new features to z/OS DFSORT V1R5 and DFSORT Release 14, including PARSE, %nn, JFY, SQZ, DATEn-r, DATEn+r, NUM, SPLIT1R, BLKCCH1, BLKCCH2, BLKCCT1, sym:, S'string', and more.
bk-bullet.gif PTFs UQ95214 and UQ95213 (December, 2004) added new features to z/OS DFSORT V1R5 and DFSORT Release 14, including IFTHEN, OVERLAY, SFF, UFF, RESTART, COUNT+n, COUNT-n, KEEPBASE, VLENMAX, VLENOVLY, and more.
bk-bullet.gif z/OS DFSORT V1R5 (March, 2004) added memory object sorting and other new features to DFSORT.
bk-bullet.gif PTFs UK90025 and UK90026 (October, 2010) added new features to z/OS DFSORT V1R10 and z/OS DFSORT V1R12, including RESIZE, IFTRAIL, ACCEPT, TRAN=ATOE, TRAN=ETOA, TRAN=UNHEX, ADDDAYS, SUBDAYS, ADDMONS, SUBMONS, ADDYEARS, SUBYEARS, DATEDIFF, DATE5, KEYBEGIN, JPn"string", and more.
bk-bullet.gif z/OS DFSORT V1R12 (September, 2010) added improvements for performance, dynamic allocation, diagnostics and first failure data capture, as well as other new features, to DFSORT.
bk-bullet.gif PTFs UK51706 and UK51707 (November, 2009) added new features to z/OS DFSORT V1R5 and z/OS DFSORT V1R10, including JOINKEYS, JOIN, REFORMAT, JKFROM, Y4x, TOJUL, TOGREG, WEEKDAY, DT, DTNS, MERGE operator, MERGEIN, and more.
bk-bullet.gif Sort, merge or copy data sets while including, excluding or reformatting records.
bk-bullet.gif Analyze data and produce detailed reports using the ICETOOL utility or the OUTFIL function. In addition, OUTFIL allows you to create different views of the data and different reports with a single pass over the data.
bk-bullet.gif Use symbols for fields and constants in DFSORT and ICETOOL statements.
bk-bullet.gif Join and match records from different data sets in various ways.
bk-bullet.gif Convert FB data sets to VB data sets, and VB data sets to FB data sets.
bk-bullet.gif Add timestamps to records, include or omit records based on today's date, a past date or a future date, and convert SMF, TOD and ETOD date and time values to readable form.
bk-bullet.gif Collate and compare data according to your national and cultural needs using DFSORT's National Language Support.

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