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Customer Specified Placement - Getting Started

Here are the steps to the successful use of the CSP or CSRP process.

  1. Establish your customer's placement requirements for their new server.
  2. Design and establish your placement requirements and create your proposed system using:
    a. SPT for planning and eConfig for order creation
    b. eConfig to define both placement and order creation. This assumes you have completed placement planning prior to use of eConfig.
    c. Final planning and design of your system must be completed prior to ordering the server.
  3. Submit your order to IBM.

    (US Business Partners and Distributors end here)

  4. Record the IBM plant order numbers that are assigned and returned to you.
  5. Enter this information into the CSP Order Completion Form
  6. Submit the Order Completion Form

Complete my Order

US Business Partners and Distributors omit this step.

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More support for: Power Systems

Version: Version Independent

Operating system(s): AIX, IBM i, Linux

Reference #: T1026428

Modified date: 02 May 2018

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