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Customer Specified Placement - Overview

Customer Specified Placement - Overview

Customer Specified Placement (CSP) allows you to define and control how you want your system built. CSP enables IBM to specifically deliver your hardware configuration to meet your unique requirements.

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  • Systems are configured to client's specifications before they ship. Systems are up and running much faster and with higher quality.
  • Systems no longer have to be rebuilt by client personnel eliminating required space at the client's location. Quality is improved as components are not exposed to the handling damage incurred during a rebuild.
  • Configurations are run through IBM configuration and validation processes and then tested in the final configuration eliminating the need for any changes during installation.
  • Improved risk management for the customer and account teams.

IBM supported products

These offerings support the following IBM products.

Customer Specified Placement MTM Features
Supported servers (IBM i, AIX and Linux all supported)
8247-21L 0456
8247-22L 0456
8284-22A 0456
8286-41A 0456
8286-42A 0456
8408-E8E 0456
8408-44E 0456
9119-MHE 8453
9080-MHE 8453
9119-MME 8453
9080-MME 8453
9009-41A 0456
9009-42A 0456
9223-24H 0456
9009-22A 0456
9223-42H 0456
9008-22L 0456
Customer Specified Placement MTM Features
Supported racks and servers
7014-S25 0469
7014-T00 0469
7014-T42 0469
7965-94Y 0469
9119-MHE 0469
9119-MME 0469
9009-41A 0469
9009-42A 0469
9223-24H 0469
9009-22A 0469
9223-42H 0469
9008-22L 0469

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