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What data needs to be gathered for issues with LKU, (Live Kernel Update)?


On the AIX 7.2 system that we ran the LKU on, clean up any previous snaps.
#snap -r
#cd /tmp/ibmsupt
#rm *.pax.Z

Run "snap -a".

Copy the liveupdate directory to the testcase folder.
#cd /tmp/ibmsupt/testcase
#cp -r /var/adm/ras/liveupdate .
#cp -r /etc/liveupdate .

Compress the snap using the "snap -c" command.

Submit that snap to ECUREP.

Gather a snap of the VIO servers that are serving the 7.2 client in question. Instructions to collect a VIO snap are located here:

Gather a HMC Pedbg. Instructions to collect the pedbg data are located here:

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Operating System AIX APARs - AIX 7.2 environment

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