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Where to Submit Testcase

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This document describes where to send a testcase to IBM AIX/VIOS SupportLine.


Testcase requested by IBM AIX/VIOS SupportLine has been collected and need to know where to upload the file.


To ensure your PMR is automatically updated with testcase arrival information, please, ensure the filename being uploaded reflects the file naming convention for PMR tickets.

Option 1 - Manual FTP Transfer

    login: anonymous
    password: <your email address>
    ftp> cd /toibm/aix
    ftp> prompt
    ftp> binary
    ftp> put <PMR id>.<branch_office>.<country_code>.<filename>
    ftp> quit

Option 2 - Upload via Secure File Transfer
Option 3 - Upload via Enhanced Customer Date Repository (ECuRep) site
    Go to ECuRep site.
    > Enter your PMR number
    > Upload is for: (Select AIX for AIX or VIOS testcase)

Testcase Submission for Blue Diamond Customers

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More support for: Virtual I/O Server

Software version: 2.2.0,,,

Operating system(s): AIX

Software edition: Enterprise, Express, Standard

Reference #: T1022758

Modified date: 23 May 2017

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