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How to remove monitored nodes?

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How can I remove the monitored nodes from PCM web portal GUI?


There is no functionality provided to remove monitored nodes GUI


In PCM 4.1 SE, it is not possible to remove the monitored nodes from GUI. Monitored node has to removed via CLI on the management node. The procedure is the following:

1. Source the environment:
 . /opt/pcm/ego/profile.platform

2. Log in as a cluster admin:
egosh user logon -u Admin -x Admin

3. Check the node status in the monitor agent:
egosh resource list
You might not be able to get the full name of the monitored nodes, please refer to web portal GUI to get the complete monitored nodes names.

4. If the node status is unavailable, for example the node is re-installed or doesn't exist any more, go directly to step 5. Otherwise, run the following command to close the monitored nodes that needs to be removed
egosh resource close Monitored-node-name

5. Remove the monitored node
egosh resource remove Monitored-node-name

6. And then refresh the web portal GUI -d "hostconfigloader"

The monitored node will be removed from GUI.

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More support for: Platform Cluster Manager

Software version: 4.1.0

Operating system(s): Linux

Software edition: Standard

Reference #: T1019517

Modified date: 19 June 2013