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Switch LSF master host to secondary master candidate

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Switch LSF master host to secondary master candidate

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How to switch the LSF master to the one of the master candidate host for maintenance of the current master?

LSF master host can be manually switched to a new server in an efficient and faster mechanism by re-ordering the master host list parameter in lsf.conf file. A forceful switchover is helpful if maintenance is being carried out on current master host.

Steps to switch LSF master to a master candidate:

1) Modify the value of LSF_MASTER_LIST parameter in lsf.conf by moving the current master host to the end of list:
LSF_MASTER_LIST=”hostX hostB hostA”
where hostA is the existing master, hostX is new master and hostB is another master candidate.

2) Reconfigure the cluster by running the following on the existing master “hostA”:
$ lsadmin reconfig
This command will restart LIM on hostX, hostB, hostA.
Wait for a minute and run lsid command, it will report hostX as new LSF master server.

3) LSF mbatchd and mbschd processes on “hostA” will die automatically. If they continue to run, execute the following command on “hostA” to force MBD to quit.
$ badmin mbdrestart

4) Check status of the cluster from new master server “hostX” running lsid, lsload, bjobs and bhosts command.

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