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Collect Snap From a VIO Server

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How can I collect a snap from a PowerVM Virtual I/O server?


This technote describes how to capture snap data from a VIOS.
Issues on dual VIOS environment may require additional data. See Related URLs or contact your local IBM Support Representative for more details.


This applies to VIOS 2.2.X.

1. Login to VIO server, as padmin, and run:

    $ snap

    Upon completion, this will create /home/padmin/snap.pax.Z. If this file exists prior to running snap command, it will be deleted and recreated automatically.

    For VIOS snap issues, see Troubleshooting VIOS Snap Command Issues

2. Rename the compressed file to reflect your Support Case ID using the following naming convention:
    $ mv snap.pax.Z TS<xxxxxxxxx>.<VIO_hostname>.snap.pax.Z
    This is the file you need to submit.

    For example, if your Support Case ID is TS123456789, you would run:
    $ mv snap.pax.Z TS123456789.<VIO_hostname>.snap.pax.Z

3. Where to Submit the Testcase

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Modified date: 08 April 2013

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