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How can I rotate error log or other log files?


Ability to rotate log files to prevent unchecked growth and filesystem space usage.




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There is an open source utility called 'logrotate' which can be installed on AIX in the form of an RPM and used for rotating log files. Once installed, the /etc/logrotate.conf file can be configured per your needs and a cron job configured to call logrotate run at the desired intervals.
The logrotate for AIX RPM can be obtained at
It should come with a README on how to configure, but the following website has an easy to follow guide to configuration of logrotate...
Additional information on logrotate may be found on the IBM developerWorks:Forum...

The logrotate utility is not an IBM product and is unsupported but IBM, however some customers have indicated they have used it with success. Please install and use logrotate at your own risk.


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