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z Systems Secure Service Container User's Guide

This publication explains how to configure an IBM Secure Service Container partition, and how to install and run supported firmware or software appliances in that partition.

For its initial release, the IBM Secure Service Container was known as the z Appliance Container Infrastructure (zACI), which is documented in IBM z Systems Appliance Container Infrastructure (zACI) User's Guide , SC28-6970.

Publication number SC28-6971-01 is available as an accessible HTML file you can extract from a ZIP file:

  1. Download and save the ZIP file: SC28-6971-01.ZIP (543KB) .
  2. Extract all files from the ZIP file.
  3. Open the file named SC28-6971-01.html from the set of extracted files.

SC28-6971-01.pdf (1.44MB)

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