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Upgrade ZVM630, Subset CP

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Upgrade ZVM630, Subset CP

Upgrade ZVM630, Subset CP:

This subset contains installation information for z/VM - CP
Version 6, Release 3, Modification 0.

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19. 15/08/14 DASD addresses to avoid when installing z/VM Care should be used in selecting the DASD addresses that are used when you install z/VM. Because the installation programs make use of the CP DEFINE command, if one of the addresses you use for your installation volumes is the same as a default IBM device (for example, CP will assume 1403 is a printer and 2501 is a card reader) an error can occur. A list of devices than may cause conflicts with DASD address can be found in "Appendix B. Device Class and Type Codes" in "z/VM: CP Planning and Administration". 18. 15/03/26 Installing z/VM 540 as a guest of z/VM 620 and higher If you are installing z/VM 540 as a second level guest of z/VM 620 or higher, you must get a copy of the DISKMAP utility from an older level of z/VM (z/VM 540 or 610, for example) and put it on the 191 (A disk) of the first level userid where you will perform the installation. The DISKMAP EXEC can be found on the MAINT 190 (S) disk on older levels of z/VM. If you cannot get a copy of the program from an older level of z/VM please contact z/VM service for assistance. 17. 14/06/17 Traditional Installation: Part RPIDIRCT CNTRL is incorrectly missing from the PMAINT 551 disk. To copy RPIDIRCT CNTRL to the PMAINT 551 disk, do the following: - Log on to MAINT630 - LINK and ACCESS the 6VMRAC30 651 disk: LINK 6VMRAC30 651 651 RR ACCESS 651 G - LINK and ACCESS the PMAINT 551 disk: LINK PMAINT 551 551 MR ACCESS 551 Z - Copy the file: VMFCOPY RPIDIRCT CNTRL G1 = = Z1 (PRODID 6VMRAC30%RACF SPRODID 6VMRAC30%RACF OLDDATE REPLACE 16. 14/04/25 The z/VM installation tools (INSTPLAN, INSTUPGR, etc.) can be used only when the language setting of the invoking user ID is that for (mixed-case) American English (Language ID: AMENG). System message rnpositories for other languages (such as Uppercase English -- UCENG) are not provided with these tools, which precludes the use of any language setting different from AMENG. 15. 14/02/13 Upgrade Install: LOHCOST SAMPPROF not copied to LOHCOST 191 The file LOHCOST SAMPPROF, needed for LOHCOST on z/VM 6.3.0, was not copied to the LOHCOST 191 disk during the upgrade installation procedure. To ensure that LOHCOST will startup and function properly, you must copy the LOHCOST SAMPPROF file from the MAINT630 493 disk to the LOHCOST 191 disk, renaming the file to PROFILE EXEC. Log on to MAINT630 on the system you have upgraded and enter the following commands. If you have upgraded multiple systems in a multi-member SSI cluster, you must log on to each member that you have upgraded and enter the following commands: SIGNAL SHUTDOWN LOHCOST WITHIN 2 After LOHCOST is shutdown (logged off), LINK LOHCOST 191 vdev MR where vdev is a free virtual address ACCESS vdev fm where fm is a free filemode ACCESS 493 fm2 where fm2 is a free filemode COPYFILE LOHCOST SAMPPROF fm2 PROFILE EXEC fm (OLDDATE REPLACE RELEASE fm (DETACH RELEASE fm2 XAUTOLOG LOHCOST 14. 13/10/25 DASD Restriction for XCAT Linux ISO Repository The "Systems Management Application Programming" book describes "Configuring the Extreme Cloud Administration Toolkit (xCAT) for z/VM" in Chapter 4. The section titled "Defining the Linux ISO Repository for z/VM Images" describes how to configure the DASD volume names for the Linux ISO in DMSSICNF COPY. As of October 2013 you can only specify 3390 ECKD volumes as the DASD for the Linux ISO. There is a known problem preventing SCSI DASD volumes from being used for the LINUX ISO repository. z/VM will delivered in the regular z/VM service stream. 13. 13/10/25 RACF disk DDR instruction changes for Upgrade Install The instructions for copying the 6VMRAC30 505 disk to the RACFVM 305 disk in Chapter 29, Step 5, substep 10j, part 2, are not correct. The RACFVM 305 disk is larger than the 6VMRAC30 505 disk so you should use COPYFILE to copy the files instead of DDR. The corrected instructions are: - While logged on to the MIGMAINT userid: LINK 6VMRAC30 505 1505 RR LINK RACFVM 305 1305 MR ACCESS 1505 G ACCESS 1305 H VMFERASE PROD 6VMRAC20%RACF FROM H VMFCOPY * * G = = H (PRODID 6VMRAC30%RACF SPRODID 6VMRAC30%RACF OLDDATE REPLACE RELEASE G (DETACH RELEASE H (DETACH NOTE: If you had previously followed the instructions in the book and used DDR to copy the 505 disk to the 305 disk then you need to format the 305 disk (to restore the correct disk size) and then follow the VMFCOPY instructions above. Remember that you must stop the RACFVM server and autolog the test server (RACMAINT) so that you can get the 305 disk in write mode. Also note that you must follow these instructions for every member that you have upgraded in your SSI cluster. 12. 13/10/25 Correction to Upgrade Installation DASD requirements In Chapter 20, step 3, substep 10 of the z/VM Installation Guide the DASD requirement for 3390 model 9 DASD is incorrect. You will need 6 volumes of 3390 model 9 DASD to install the upgrade installation work system. 11. 13/10/25 Swap order of steps in Ch. 25 for an Upgrade Installation If you are performing an upgrade installation and you have DirMaint enabled and you use an external security manager, you should perform the security authorizations listed in Chapter 25, step 2 before completing Step 1 in Chapter 25. 10. 13/10/25 SSI Installation: Volume may not copy correctly When performing a traditional installation to install a multimember SSI, DASD volumes from the first system installed are copied to DASD volumes for the second, third and fourth systems (according to the number of members installed.) The installation procedure will fail if the label used for the RES volume or for a WORK volume for the first member is the last volume entry in the USER DISKMAP generated by the installation procedure. To avoid this error select DASD labels for your first member that will not be last when all the volume labels are sorted in alphanumeric order. 9. 13/10/25 Upgrade installation: RACF MACLIB not copied to MAINT 19E The file RACF MACLIB was not copied to the MAINT 19E disk during the upgrade installation procedure. To ensure that all RACF and CP (when RACF is enabled) service functions perform correctly you should copy the file from the 6VMRAC30 505 disk to the MAINT 19E disk with filemode 2. Log on to MAINT630 on the system you have upgraded and enter the following commands. If you have upgraded multiple systems in a multi-member SSI cluster, you should log on to each member that you have upgraded and follow theses steps. - Copy the file: LINK 6VMRAC30 505 505 RR ACCESS 505 G LINK MAINT 19E 19E MR ACCESS 19E T VMFCOPY RACF MACLIB G1 = = T2 (PRODID 6VMRAC30%RACF SPRODID 6VMRAC30%RACF OLDDATE REPLACE - Resave the CMS segment: PUT2PROD SAVECMS 8. 13/10/17 Installation media updated to include RSU 6302 The installation media for z/VM 630 has been updated to include 6302RSU. This RSU contains some important service that may be needed by some customers who will be using the Upgrade Installation procedure. The new media is recommended for customers who will be upgrading a VMSSI cluster with 4 members and for customers who are upgrading systems where DirMaint is enabled. If you received your product media before September 6, 2013 2013, you can use Shopz to reorder the media. If you are not going to use the Upgrade Installation procedure you do not need to order replacement media. 7. 13/09/13 In the z/VM 630 Installation Guide, incorrect link modes In Table 24 on page 253 of the Installation Guide for z/VM 630, some link modes in the column with heading "Indirect link (with mode)" are not correct. In all cases the link mode given in the column with heading "Directory link (with mode)" is the correct mode that should be used for the indirect link mode. Use the mode listed in the column with heading "Directory link (with mode)" when authorizing the user IDs for the indirect resources. 6. 13/09/13 After Upgrade Install, files on MAINT 19E need to be renamed. If you have used the Upgrade Installation procedure to install z/VM 630 on your existing z/VM 620 system, some files were copied to the MAINT 19E disk with an incorrect file mode. To correct this problem, log on to MAINT630 enter the following commands: LINK MAINT 19E 19E MR ACCESS 19E Y RENAME $RACLIS$ XEDIT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME $RACLIS$ XEDITPWD Y1 = = Y2 RENAME $RACPER$ XEDITPWD Y1 = = Y2 RENAME CSTSTGI MAP Y1 = = Y2 RENAME CSTSTGT MAP Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RACF HELPMENU Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RACF SERVMACH Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RACFLIST HELPPWD Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RACFLIST HELPRACF Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RACFPERM HELPPWD Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RACFPERM HELPRACF Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RCMDRFMT $EXEC$ Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIATGCS TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPICDX LKEDIT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIGCS LKEDIT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPISSSRC TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIUGCS TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIURCM TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIURIM TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVAL MAP Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALAU TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALCK TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALDA TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALDF TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALFC TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALIN TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALLS TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALST TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALTB TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALTE TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALTK TEXT Y1 = = Y2 RENAME RPIVALXT TEXT Y1 = = Y2 5. 13/07/26 620 APARS required for a mixed release environment. Before installing a 630 system in a 620 SSI cluster or upgrading a member of a multi-member 620 SSI cluster see the z/VM Program Directory, section 4. 13/07/26 DirMaint APAR required for an Upgrade Installation. If you are running DirMaint, before using the Upgrade Installation process to upgrade a 620 system, the DirMaint APAR VM65297 must be applied to the 620 system being upgraded. 3. 13/07/26 During an upgrade installation, RACF build may fail due to timing problems. If this failure occurs, xedit the SERVICE EXEC to increase the timer value for the command that failed. For example, if the build failed on "CLOSE PRT", to change the timer value to 1 minute: 1) xedit SERVICE EXEC 2) locate bldracf: 3) locate close prt 4) locate 7timer 5) change /00:10/01:00/ 6) file = = a 2. 13/07/26 During an upgrade installation, if you are running DirMaint and this is not the first member you are upgrading, you may get warning messages from INSTUPGR STAGE2 regarding the DirMaint help files. You can ignore these messages. 1. 13/10/25 After the upgrade installation is complete, if you are NOT running RACF, it is necessary to copy the 6VMRAC30 590 and 505 disks to the RACFVM 490 and 305 disks. Follow the instructions in Chapter 29 Step 5 substep 3j, part 1 and in item 13 above.

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This section outlines major errors in the product's published documentation. 1. YY/MM/DD NO ENTRIES

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This section contains general information, i.e. SYSGEN hints/tips. 1. 14/06/04 For customers who want to configure z/VM to conform with the requirements of the Common Criteria: The z/VM 6.3 Secure Configuration Guide describes the procedures necessary to define a z/VM 6.3 system which meets the requirements of the Common Criteria's Operating System Protection Profile (OSPP). This version of the book is the specific level used for the z/VM 6.3 Common Criteria evaluation process. The z/VM 6.3 Certified Product Guidance is a collection of product documentation used during the Common Criteria evaluation for z/VM 6.3. The z/VM 6.3 Secure Configuration Guide and the z/VM 6.3 Certified Product Guidance are available on Resource Link at: puges/zVM63SecureConfigurationGuide?OpenDocument

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1. 15/02/16 REFER TO 1501RSU

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This section contains information that is dependent upon another product other than this subset ID. It also contains information dealing with migration and product coexistance. 1. YY/MM/DD INTERDEPENDENT PRODUCT: PROBLEM: USERS AFFECTED: RECOMMENDATION: INSTALL XXXXXXX ON VOLID XXXX

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