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  • Password Security Enhancements have been made available via SAF
    APAR OA43998 and RACF APAR OA43999.                   5752XXH00
    RACF documentation on setup, planning, performance, etc:
    Two fix categories have been defined to group the service
    updates required to activate this support across all affected
    products.  Run REPORT MISSINGFIX for Fix Categories
    IBM.Function.RACF.PasswordCharacters and
    IBM.Function.RACF.PasswordEncryption periodically to investigate
    missing recommended service.
    The support contained within this package may not be fully
    supported by all products in your installation.
    This APAR lists restrictions when the new support is enabled.
    It will be updated if additional restrictions are identified.
    When enabling special character support for passwords, be aware
    of code page differences in the applications/interfaces used to
    connect to z/OS.  RACF assumes the MVS / TSO default of EBCDIC
    (code page 037).  Any other code page may have a different
    visual for the newly supported characters.
    ++++++++++++++++ Restrictions
    IMS Connect provides full special character support with
    APAR PI48112.
    IMS (e.g., commands, VTAM logon, etc) provides full special
    characters support with APAR PI48111.
    Tivoli NetView for z/OS does not accept the period '.' character
    or the equal sign '=' character in passwords defined through
    Netview services using DSIOPFx.
    TSO/E will not accept a password that begins with a question
    mark '?' character.
    TSO restriction for line mode logons:
    "The limit on which characters are acceptable for an eight
    character or less password has been lifted by TSO/E LOGON
    specifically for the LOGON panel per oa29028.  Line mode is not
    Special character passwords are still not allowed for line mode
    password logons, such as Session Manager.
    z/OS CommServer users should avoid using the colon ':' character
    in passwords passed to the z/OS FTP server.
    RMF PM does not support a vertical bar '|' character or
    an exclamation mark '!' character in passwords.
    zVM 6.3 support for KDFAES (and other enhancements) is available
    with VM65719. If you are sharing the RACF database between a
    z/OS and z/VM system, do not activate KDFAES until the service
    is applied on both operating systems.
    BDT at release HBD6602 shipped support in PTF UA77241
    NetView FTP does not support the KDFAES encryption algorithm if
    the parameters
    SSECURP=('*','*') and/or RSECURP=('*','*') are used.
    ++++++++++++++++ End of restrictions
    ++++++++++++++++ Additional Support
    CICS 5.3 fixes: PI64443
    CICS 5.1 and 5.2 initial support came in APAR PI21866.
    Additional fixes: PI33454, PI39336, PI44336, PI64442
    CICS 4.2 initial support came in APAR PI21865. Additional
    fixes: PI33451, PI44380, PI64175
    Related RACF Support:
    OA46776 OA46777 OA48304 OA48859 OA50846 OA50748 OA52117
    OA52226 OA52291
    Note regarding RACF performance APAR OA50748:
    The following applications provide exploitation
    of APAR OA50748 to provide performance relief.
    CICS 5.3: PI64443
    CICS 5.1 and CICS 5.2: PI64442
    CICS 4.2: PI64175
    ++++++++++++++++ End of Additional Support

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More support for: z/OS family

Software version: 001

Operating system(s): MVS, OS/390, z/OS

Reference #: II14765

Modified date: 13 July 2017