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/usr/netscape/communicator/plugins_tar/techexplorer/techexplorer.README from AIX V4.3.3 Bonus Pack


Techexplorer Hypermedia Browser
IBM's techexplorer Hypermedia Browser is a web browser plug-in, designed
for people who read or publish scientific articles, books, journals, etc.

Techexplorer is provided as a tar file in

Install Instructions

1. Extract te30PR1introaix.tar to a directory of your choice:
   cd <tarfile_extract_dir>
   tar -xvf

2. Run the setup program:
   cd <tarfile_extract_dir>/techexplor

   The license agreement is displayed.
   You must accept the license agreement in order to continue with
   the installation.

   You can choose a shared or a personal installation.

   Then, you need to specify the directory where techexplorer should
   be installed.

3. After installation, follow the instructions displayed by the setup
   program regarding the setting of environment variables.

4. For more information on techexplorer, see


Uninstall Instructions

Run the uninstall program contained in te30PR1introaix.tar.
If the directory containing the files extracted from te30PR1introaix.tar
has not been removed, then you can run uninstall by:

   cd <tarfile_extract_dir>/techexplor

Document information

More support for: AIX family

Software version: 433

Operating system(s): AIX

Reference #: 433readmef1cbf594che

Modified date: 01 July 2002

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