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IGS-GTS (GlobalTechnology Services) contact information

Country Method of contact
United States
Canada Phone: 1-800-IBM-SERV (option 2)
United Kingdom Phone: 0870 010 2526
South Africa Phone: +27 11 302 5245 or +27 11 302 8888
Australia/New Zealand Email:
Spain Contact information available at
Portugal Contact information available at
Greece Contact information available at
Israel Contact information available at
Turkey Contact information available at
Norway Telesale for Maintenance & Tech Support phone: 815 48 232
Japan Please contact your Sales Representative

All other countries, please check with your local IBM Global Services representative.

The following Customer Information is required for all Support Extension Requests. Authorizations to Quote will not be released without this information.

Customer Information

  • What is the product?
  • Who is the customer?
  • What is their Retain Customer number?
  • What is the start date of the extension? What is the stop date?
  • What is the current operating system version, release, modification level?
  • Is this an IBM Strategic Outsourcing (SO) customer? If yes, who owns the product licenses, the customer or IBM?
  • Is the product a Passport Advantage product? If yes, what is the customer number the Passport Advantage Maintenance agreement is under?
  • Is this an IBM Software Accelerated Value Program Customer? If yes, what is the IBM Software Accelerated Value Program Customer number?

The Migration Plan Information is required only if the stop date of the SE is more than two years beyond the product End of Service date, although this information may be requested by the lab on an individual basis for shorter requests.

Migration Plan Information

  • Is the migration plan committed by the customer? Funded by the customer?
  • What is the status of the migration plan? That is, has it started? If not, when will it start?
  • What is the target completion date?
  • What is/are the replacement product(s)?
  • Will the operating system platform change? If yes, what is the new operating system with VRM?
  • Are SWG and/or IGS participating in the migration? If yes, who is the IBM contact?

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Modified date: 13 August 2018