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MustGather: AIX LVM problems

MustGather: AIX LVM problems

Collecting data for problems with LVM on AIX

The following procedures are for data collection, not for problem diagnosis. Gathering this information before calling IBM support can aid in problem determination and save time resolving Problem Management Records (PMRs).

Using zsnap for LVM

Run # zsnap --LVM

This zsnap command gathers LVM data and creates the testcase file in one step. If you already have a PMR number, see the example below.

  • -Data

    In addition to the information gathered by the snap command, the zsnap command gathers LVM data that include:

  • -Example

    See zsnap usage for all available options.

    # zsnap --LVM --pmr 12345,123,123

    The example gathers the appropriate data and creates a testcase file with the IBM standard naming convention for quicker processing. You will be prompted to send the file to IBM using the FTP protocol. If you don't have a PMR number, omit the --pmr flag to build the testcase file.

    You can also run the zsnap command from the AIX SMIT menus.

    For information on sending testcase information, read Sending Testcases Electronically.

Using snap for LVM

The snap command is the standard AIX tool that gathers data and stores that information in /tmp/ibmsupt/.

  • -Data

    To reduce the possibility of needing to request additional information later, the following information needs to be gathered manually and included in the snap testcase file.

    See zsnap Data section above for the information you need to collect.

  • - Sample snap procedure for LVM

    See snap usage for all available options

    Follow these steps to gather the LVM data.

    1. Run the snap -r command to remove all previously gathered data.
    2. Gather the additional information and put it in /tmp/ibmsupt/testcase. You may need to recreate the testcase directory.
    3. Run # snap -NgGfLkc
    4. Rename the testcase file to adhere to IBM testcase file naming conventions, and then send the file to IBM.
    5. For information on sending testcase information, read Sending Testcases Electronically.

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