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Rational ClearQuest Application Lifecycle Management Packages, Version 1.1

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IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® Application Lifecycle Management Packages, Version 1.1--EmailPlus 2.0 and Attachments 2.0

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The Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) packages provide a solution for ensuring ALM best practices in existing Rational® ClearQuest® change management systems. Application Lifecycle Management streamlines the process of producing a software release for a development team. It involves the coordination of software development activities and assets to produce and manage software applications throughout their life cycles.

The ClearQuest ALM packages provide a role-based process and security model that offers optimal performance. The packages comprise a collection of tightly-integrated record types that create a foundation for managing software development projects.

The Attachments 2.0 package provides external storage of ClearQuest attachments in off-site locations, such as FTP servers.

The EmailPlus 2.0 package provides enhanced email notification functionality to ClearQuest users. This first release is certified and supported for ClearQuest ALM records only. EmailPlus 2.0 augments the existing email notification solutions provided by the ClearQuest Email 1.0 package.

Known limitations

  • ClearQuest version does not support record script alias (RSA) actions in Microsoft Access databases used by ClearQuest ALM. Instead, use SQL Server, DB2, or Oracle databases, or use ClearQuest version For more information, see the support note at
  • You can improve the performance of ClearQuest ALM CopyProject by following the instructions at

    The following additional steps can also improve performance:
    1. Disable EmailPlus functionality on the EmailPlus Config record.
      Note: You will lose all notifications that would have been generated from these sessions. There could be a substantial number of lost notifications from users who stay logged in for a long time.
    2. Run CopyProject on the ClearQuest for Windows client.
  • On Linux, the ClearQuest Eclipse client might crash with a JVM error when using the gnome desktop if the environment variable GTK_IM_MODULE is set to scim. SCIM is the Smart Common Input Method module preferred by gnome. See the support note at for information on how to resolve the problem.
  • See for information about all the known problems and limitations affecting this and previous versions of the ClearQuest ALM, EmailPlus, and Attachments packages and any workarounds,

Known Issues


Use the ClearQuest ALM V1.1 packages only with Rational ClearQuest V7.1.0.2 or later. Using these packages with ClearQuest versions earlier than V7.1.0.2 is not supported.

CQ ALM 1.0 packages English 3014000

Installation Instructions

Follow the steps below to extract and register the packages included in the file:

1. Create a new folder on Windows to store the packages that are included in


Note: Do not install the packages under the ClearQuest Packages folder located under ClearQuest installation directory. Installing the packages under the ClearQuest Packages folder could cause installation issues later when upgrading ClearQuest.

Do not store the packages in the following folders:

Folder location in ClearQuest release 7.1.x.x:
..\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearQuest\packages

Folder location in ClearQuest release 7.0.x.x:
..\Program Files\Rational\ClearQuest\Packages

2. Extract the content of into the folder you created in Step 1.

3. A batch file, register_alm_pkgs.bat, is provided in the folder where the zip file is extracted. Run the batch file to register the ALM packages. A message will inform you of the successful registration of the packages.

Note: ALMWork packages have dependencies on ALMProject packages. ALMProject packages are not included in
Before using ALMWork packages, make sure ALMProject packages are installed on your system.
You can download and install ALMProject packages from

Note: EmailPlus packages can only be used as part of the ClearQuest ALM 1.1 package application/upgrade at this time. The EmailPlus package installation instructions provided in this file supersede the installation instructions provided in section 6.1 of ClearQuest Email Plus Package Administrators Guide.pdf.

CQ ALM 1.1 packages Installation instructions English 3000

Download package

You can download the ClearQuest ALM 1.1 packages by using FTP from the table below.

Note: The CQ ALM 1.1 Packages zip file contains the downloads for the CQ ALM 1.1, Attachments 2.0 and EmailPlus 2.0 packages. If you download the full CQ ALM 1.1 package, do not also download the individual Attachments 2.0 zip file.

If you are unable to use this method, you can download the packages by using HTTP from this Web address:

The package downloads contain English, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese versions of the packages.

Supplemental files, including examples and sample data as well as training materials, can be found in the Supplemental folder at

Download RELEASE DATE LANGUAGE SIZE(Bytes) Download Options
CQ ALM 1.1 Packages 12/15/2009 English 10615000 FTP
Attachments 2.0 Packages 12/15/2009 English 804000 FTP
Readme file for Attachments 2.0 12/15/2009 English 2000 FTP
Readme for CQ ALM 1.1 packages 12/15/2009 English 3000 FTP
Documentation CQ ALM 1.1 packages 12/15/2009 English 1417860 FTP

Technical support

Visit the Rational Support site on the web at:

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