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Are there some basic details you can read about the .ccase_wvreg (web view registry) file that is created when using the IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC) on Microsoft Windows, UNIX or Linux?


Overview of .ccase_wvreg

ClearCase Remote Client creates and stores a file local to each CCRC client named .ccase_wvreg (web view registry) in the user's home directory.

When the first view is created using CCRC, this file stores the local path to the view root (copy area) for each CCRC view on the system for a given user.

Note: Each user that works in CCRC on a given host will have a separate .ccase_wvreg file in the home directory they are logged into locally. This file will only contain the local paths of that user's views. Regardless of how the CCRC user logs into a remote CCRC server, there is only one instance of .ccase_wvreg per local login.

After creation of a view from CCRC, the .ccase_wvreg file is stored under:

On Windows:

  • C:\Documents and Settings\<username> where <username> is the actual user name who created the view or the path that is extrapolated from the environment variable %USERPROFILE% (this path may be local or remote

On UNIX/Linux:
  • /export/home/<username>, which is the user's home directory that created the view or the path as indicated by cd’ing to ~<username>.


  • The default location of the file cannot be changed to a new location. This file must reside in the path as stated above.
  • If the file is deleted or moved out of the default location, then a new one will get created when a new CCRC view is created, see below for more details.
  • If the view workspace is unavailable at the time when CCRC starts, then the view reference "name" is removed from the .ccase_wvreg file and the view then becomes unavailable to CCRC.

    Example #1: If the CCRC view workspace is located on a removable drive and when CCRC starts the drive is not available, then the view name is stripped from the .ccase_wvreg file and no longer available in CCRC.

    Example #2: CCRC is used on a LAN and if the CCRC view workspace is located on a mapped drive, the user does not log into the mapped drive, therefore, the view is unavailable. When CCRC starts, if the drive is not available, then the view name is stripped from the .ccase_wvreg file and is no longer available in CCRC.

The file is a standard text file that you can view or edit with a text editor to reveal the view path locations. You can (should) save this file to a separate location or as part of a backup, should it need to be restored due to being deleted.

Deleted .ccase_wvreg

If the file is lost (deleted) without a backup, as long as you know the path for your views on the local host, then you can recreate the .ccase_wvreg file. You will just need to manually add the paths into the file, for example:

  • On Windows, C:\views\<view>
  • On Linux/UNIX, /export/home/jdoe/<view>

Otherwise, by creating a new view, a new .ccase_wvreg file will be recreated in the default location as detailed above. This new file will only contain the entry for the new view that has been created, and the path for any views that still exist on the host can be manually added as detailed above.

Removed Entries from .ccase_wvreg

Any entries in the file that are removed will cause the views to no longer be visible in CCRC.

If a CCRC view is removed, then the file should be modified to remove the entry for that view, refer to technote 1197548 for more details. If an end user is not sure if the view or view tag has been removed from the server properly, it is recommended to comment out the entry with a # to begin that views line entry, this will not display this view as a choice at the startup of a CCRC client.

If the .ccase_wvreg file becomes corrupted, views may no longer appear in CCRC even though they have not been moved or removed. Review technote 1322273 for more details.

Moving the view root
If the view's copy area is moved to a new location, then the path of existing views can be modified in the .ccase_wvreg file to point to the new location, refer to technote 1212918 for more details.

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