Available Releases, FixPacks and iFixes for Rational Test RealTime

Preventive Service Planning


This planning document summarizes the Releases, FixPacks and iFixes for IBM Rational Test RealTime.


For more information about the IBM Maintenance Delivery Vehicle, review technote 7008656.

The following table contains links to the individual download documents. These download documents contain links to the installation files as well as the release notes, which include detailed system requirements.

NOTE: From version 8.0, all fix packs are required to download from IBM Fix Central . There is no separate link available anymore.

Rational Test RealTime: Releases, iFixes and FixPacks:
Date Released
Fix Pack 5
13 Dec 2013
Fix Pack
Fix Pack 4
19 Apr 2013
Fix Pack
Fix Pack 3
13 Dec 2012
Fix Pack
Fix Pack 2
12 Jul 2012
Fix Pack
Fix Pack 1
Not Available
Version 8.0
29 Nov 2011
Modification Release
Full Install
Fix Pack 6
30 Jul 2011
Fix Pack
FixPack 5
Not Available
31 Mar 2011
Fix Pack
FixPack 4
Not Available
30 Nov 2010
Fix Pack
iFix 01
Not Available
12 Apr 2010
FixPack 3
Not Available
15 Dec 2009
Fix Pack
FixPack 2
Not Available
29 Sept 2009
Fix Pack
FixPack 1
Not Available
25 Jun 2009
Fix Pack
Version 7.5
4 Nov 2008
Modification Release
Full Install

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