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IBM Lotus announces the availability of Sametime, a cumulative set of all fixes to help customers safely avoid known issues. These issues have been discovered by IBM Lotus during the deployment, use, and testing of Sametime 8.5.1. IBM recommends that customers running Sametime 8.5.1 install the updates to reach a greater level of stability. Future Fix Packs are always cumulative and contain all of the fixes from previous versions. Customers can continue to apply future Sametime 8.5.1 Hotfixes after applying this cumulative fix.


Before you start, be sure to familiarize yourself with the 'upgrade' procedures in the InfoCenter.
If you are running in a clustered environment, you must run the Cluster Guided Activity and choose "upgrade cluster" as the final step of the process.

Sametime 8.5.1 FP1 has been posted to Fix Central at the following links

The detailed Fix List is located at the following link:


NOTE: Server includes: ST Community, ST Proxy, ST Meetings, ST Media Manager and System Console.

Deployment Instructions

If the Sametime System Console (SSC) is used to administer other Sametime servers, the SSC must be updated to first, then update other servers to

A readme is present with each update that provides the specific instructions for installing each update, This fix pack contains fixes for all supported operating systems. Additional details specific to IBM System i are below.

IBM i Deployment Instructions
For Sametime Community Server:

1. On your client workstation, run the self-extracting .exe file for the IBM i version of the Community Server.

2. Complete the instructions in Readme.txt to transfer the PTF save file from your workstation to the server and install it.

For Sametime Meeting Server, Proxy Server or System Console Server:

1. Use ftp or another convenient method to transfer the appropriate downloaded zip file from your client workstation to a temporary directory <tmp> on the system where you will be installing the server offering.

2. Run the QSH command, navigate to the directory where you copied the downloaded zip file , <tmp>, and extract the contents. You can use the ajar tool, available in QSHELL, to unzip:

ajar -x <downloaded file name>

3. The <tmp> directory will now contain 2 additional zip files, the installation image for the server offering (STMeetingsHotfix.zip, STProxyHotfix.zip, or STConsoleHotfix.zip) and a separate file for the required WAS iFixes. Use the ajar tool to unzip the installation image:

ajar -x <STxxxHotfix.zip>

Depending on the tool used to perform the unzip, the files may be extracted to the current directory, <tmp>, or to a subdirectory with the name of the zip file, <tmp>/<STxxHotfix>.

4. To complete the installation, locate the IBM i readme.txt file and follow the instuctions to install the updates.

-- If you used the ajar tool, the readme is located here: <tmp>/IBMi/readme.txt file.

-- With a different tool, it may be located here <tmp>/<STxxHotfix>/IBMi/readme.txt

Note In step 4 of the readme.txt instructions, the path given for the install script uses the <tmp>/<STxxHotfix> path. If the files were extracted directly to the <tmp> directory (as with the ajar tool), <STxxHotfix> will not be part of the path to the install script.

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