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What is the future of the Domino Directory Independence capability?

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What is the future of the Domino Directory Independence capability?


Directory Independence

The intent of the Domino Directory Independence (DI) capability was to enable Notes and Domino to store person and group information exclusively in an LDAP Directory. This was a significant initiative undertaken by the Domino Development team, specifically, DI had the goal of easing the burden for administrators who deploy and manage multiple directories. We have made the business decision to leverage DI in IBM's hosted offerings, but there are no plans to provide this Directory Independence capability in Domino.

The Domino Directory Independence initiative was only one component of an ongoing, broader Identity Management strategy aimed at reducing overall cost of managing users and groups, as well as, simplifying Identity Management for end users. Many customers have asked for solutions to identity management problems such as password synchronization, single logon, and reducing the cost of managing Notes IDs instead of storing person information outside of the Domino Directory. In response to the demand for those solutions, recent releases of Lotus Notes and Domino introduced Identitiy Management capabilities such as the Notes ID Vault and Notes Shared Login. The value of these features has been validated through positive acceptance and acclaim by customers, business partners, and the press. As a result, Lotus Domino 8.5.1 expanded on the Identity Management strategy with the delivery of ID Vault support for Lotus iNotes, Lotus Traveler (and the ability to use for BES), and Windows Single Sign-on capability for Domino web applications.

Integrating and synchronizing the Domino Directory with an external directory

What capabilities does IBM provide for better integrating and synchronizing the Domino Directory with an external directory?

The directory capabilities in Domino provide many features to reduce the cost of administering multiple directories:

- To integrate multiple directories, Directory Assistance allows administration of Notes users in a Domino Directory and administration of web users in an LDAP Directory

- Extended Directory Catalogs can be used to simplify usage of multiple Domino Directories

- For single point of administration between Domino Directory and Active Directory, ADSync can be used.

Synchronizing multiple directories

For customers looking to synchronize multiple directories, Domino provides an entitlement to IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator (TDI). Below are links to TDI reference material that outline information relevant to syncrhonizing information to/from the Domino directory with other sources/destinations.

- Tivoli Directory Integrator 7.0 documentation

- Active Directory video - Domino synchronization using TDI

- Integrating Lotus Domino/Notes with Tivoli Directory Integrator (based on TDI 6.1.1)

Identity Management features

For more information on Identity Management features that will reduce cost of administering users and streamline usage:

- Notes ID Vault

- Notes Shared Login

- Windows Single Sign-on for Web clients

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