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Can you find out who encrypted a database?

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You come across a database in your environment that is encrypted. You do not know who encrypted it, or when. Is there a way to find out who encrypted this database?


There is no way to determine which user ID was used to encrypt a local database. In order to decrypt the database and allow access, the ID that was used to encrypt it, MUST be used to decrypt it. There is no way around this.

The encryption settings are available using the Menu -> File -> Database -> Properties -> Encryption button.

Even if you could open an encrypted database, the only information that would be available is administrative maintenance information, (such as when Fixup was last run), but nothing pertaining to the last person who touched it.

Supporting Information:

For details on removing document-level encryption, see the following documents:

"How to remove encryption from mail documents when converting licenses from North American to International" (Document 1089495)

How to remove encryption from all documents in a mail file (Document 1110567)

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