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OnChange event does not trigger on keyword change in combobox field

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When using JavaScript in a typical Web page, you can include the functionality of an OnChange event that will trigger when a keyword change is initiated. In Notes, however, the OnChange event is not triggered until you exit the field. Is it possible to configure the OnChange event to trigger when the keyword is changed within a combobox?


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering and has been fixed in Domino release 7.0.3.
Excerpt from the Lotus Notes and Domino Release 7.0.3 MR fix list (available at

SPR# MQUE5HUMSV - The Combobox field onChange event triggers twice when "Run Exiting / OnChange events after value change" was selected.

Refer to the Upgrade Central site for details on upgrading Notes/Domino.

To configure the OnChange event to trigger when a new keyword is selected, you can select the option "Run Exiting/OnChange events after value change". This option is located on the Advanced Options tab (Beanie tab) of the field properties dialog box.

NOTE: There is one caveat to this solution. On the Web, this works as described above; the OnChange event is triggered only when the keyword is changed. However, in the Notes client, the OnChange event is triggered upon keyword change and also when the field is exited. This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# MQUE5HUMSV.

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Modified date: 22 February 2010