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Domino server console command abbreviations

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What are the abbreviations for commonly used Domino® server console commands?


The following is a list of abbreviated server commands. For the complete syntax and parameters of these commands, refer to the Administrator's Guide.

Broadcast (b)
Dbcache Flush (db f)
Dbcache Show (db s)
Drop (dr)
Exit (e)
Help (he)
Load (l)
Pull (pul)
Push (pus)
Quit (q)
Replicate (rep)
Restart Port (res po)
Restart Server (res se)
Route (ro)
Set Configuration (se c)
Set Secure (se se)
Set Statistics (se st)
Show Allports (sh a)
Show Cluster (sh cl)
Show Configuration (sh co)
Show Directory (sh dir)
Show Diskspace (sh dis)
Show Memory (sh me)
Show Performance (sh pe)
Show Port (sh po)
Show Schedule (sh sc)
Show Server (sh se)
Show Stat (sh st)
Show Tasks (sh ta)
Show Users (sh u)
Show Transactions (sh tr)
Show xDir (sh x)
Show xDir reload (sh x r)
Start Port (sta po)
Stop Port (sto po)
Tell (t)
Trace (tr)

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