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How to purge document deletion stubs immediately

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How do you purge all document deletion stubs on the Lotus Domino server immediately instead of waiting for the set purge interval?


There are two options.
NOTE: This information below does not apply to deletion stubs for design elements such as forms, views, or macros.

Option #1:
All document deletion stubs in a database can be purged by selecting File --> Replication --> Settings, and entering 0 (zero) days in the "Remove documents not modified in the last" setting. Click OK and close the database. Open the database again to immediately purge the deletion stubs and then change the setting back to 90 days.

IMPORTANT: If you check the "Remove documents not modified in the last" setting and enter "0" in the Days field, all documents will be deleted from the database. Do NOT check this box. Only change the number of days setting to "0". Press the TAB key and as soon as the cursor leaves this field, the purge action executes.

Press CTRL+TAB to reset the cursor into this field and return this setting back to the original number.

NOTE: In test cases, using the "updall" command also purged Form design elements immediately in 6.5.6 and 8.5.0 clients.

Option #2:
All document deletion stubs in a database can be purged by setting the cutoff date two days ahead of the current date (File --> Replication --> Settings --> Other --> check "Only replicate incoming documents saved or modified after" --> enter a date two days ahead). Once this is done, the deletion stubs will be purged immediately.

Be sure to replace the "two days ahead date" immediately once the deletion stubs are purged.

WARNING: If the "Remove documents saved more than xx days ago" option is enabled in a database's replication settings when the cutoff date is set ahead, all documents saved before the cutoff date will be removed from the database. Notes behaves this way because both the cutoff date and "Remove documents..." feature are designed to save space in local replicas. The cutoff date sets the maximum age for documents to be received by the local replica. When the "Remove documents..." option is enabled, Notes automatically removes any document saved before the cutoff date (leaving no deletion stub) and ignores any interval specified in the "Remove documents..." option.

Depending on your Notes version, it may also be necessary to set the purge interval to one day and set the cutoff date ahead.

You can see the approximate number of document deletion stubs in a database by adding up all shared fields and all documents, and then subtracting this number from the total number of documents shown when a new replica of the database is created.

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