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Documents containing .png images display a red X in Notes

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In Lotus Notes, you receive an e-mail message containing .png (Portable Network Graphics) images embedded in the HTML. When you open the message in Notes, the image does not appear. Instead, a box with a red X displays.

If you use the Notes browser and double-click the image to bring it up in a separate window, it also appears as a box with a red X.

Resolving the problem

An enhancement request to add support for .png images was submitted to Quality Engineering as SPR# RCE4XGULQ, and has been fixed in the 8.5 code stream when using the Notes 8.5 standard mail template. (See technote #1368274 - Notes 8.5.x clients support PNG images)

Although the Notes 8 documentation states the issue is still open for investigation and that .png images are not formally supported; testing in Notes 8.0.1 with a .png-embedded graphic displayed the image when Notes 7 displayed the red X.

Supporting information:
PNG is a highly compressed and interlaced graphic based on the .gif format. More information about .png graphics can be found at the following link:

For a history on this picture/graphic type, refer to the following links: and

One customer who experienced the red X issue used the LiveStats™ application by DeepMetrix®. It sends .png- and .gif-formatted images embedded inline in HTML.

A similar issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# KSOA4CVSQG in which a page containing a .png image object could not be loaded using the Notes browser in Notes release 5.0.2. This seems to have been indirectly fixed in later releases of the 5.x code stream. Most .png images will display properly in the Notes browser.

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Modified date: 28 May 2010