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How to force the full text engine to use system memory instead of Notes managed memory

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When performing large full-text searches, large blocks in Notes memory can be allocated. The memory is required for a small period of time, but the Notes Memory Manager does not free the allocated memory. This results in memory fragmentation. How can you avoid this?


To avoid this issue, you can add the following parameter to the server's notes.ini:


This will instruct the full-text (FT) engine to use direct malloc calls from the operating system for large allocations, instead of requesting memory through the Notes Memory Manager.

In some situations the FT engine requires very large amounts of memory (up to several 10's of megabytes), which could fragment memory inside Notes DPools. The memory is required for a short time but is not relinquished by the Notes Memory Manager. By moving the allocation to OS memory, the allocated block of memory can be freed immediately after its use, reducing memory utilization and improving the server's performance. This means a reduction in fragmentation in Private Memory managed by the Notes Memory Manager.

NOTE: For Domino on IBM i, see technote 1592384 - Should FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1 be set on Domino 8.x and 8.5.x servers on IBM i

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